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Can' t tell you anything about this particular store, but I used to live in Turkey when my little girl was a baby, so I help out with diapers. Pampers exist in Turkey, they are named Prima there. Either that, or Turkey stamps are just as good, look for Molfix, Canbaby or Evy Baby.

They can also get towels, but please take your own diaper bag as they do not have them. Azda, Migros and Kipa (that's Tesco) all have the baby clothes you want. and found everything she needed, like diapers. Like Kedi says, there are no diaper cases, so take them with you, my girl also found the swim diapers much more costly, so maybe you should take some of them with you.

When using bottled food, do not use your own bottled mineral waters, there is baby bottled baby waters in the supermarket that do not contain mineral salts. Even though my daugther didn't use a bottle, she gave my grandchild a drink of bottled running soda and used the baby's own soap. If my grandchild liked all the fruits and veggies, I would tell you to go to the market and buy them, they are so good and tasty.

Erikli, Nestle, Pinar and Labranda waters are all low in natrium and suitable for infants. You don't have to transport cargo from Great Britain. You can find everything from canned powdered British brand diapers and diapers to spare bottles and so on and so forth.

Please take diaper packs with you. Honestly, the only thing I'd say is take it with me. Not too much I know about the recipe since I breast-fed my baby, but I mainly recall seeing Aptamil. and they don't have the right lactation for your baby.

We' re going to Turkey this sommer with our little grandchild, but my little girl will buy baby formula from boots at the airfield.

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