Basic Items needed for a Newborn Baby

Standard equipment for a newborn baby

There is no need to do without your outdoor activities - you have to set up your family camping plan! In bottle feeding, first milk is the only food your baby needs in the first six months. Production of "homemade" adaptations to the CRS for special needs.

Babys - day nursery

Paternal desires are considered as accurately as possible in all respects of their child's needs. The aim is to promote the full use of all abilities in a light, welcoming and welcoming setting, using a large range of games. In this room there is a baby phone which is permanently in operation and regularly checked by the employees.

It is at this time that they begin to recognize and recognize things and images and become aware of their preferences and aversions. We help to understand the children's needs for the environment through associations of words, histories, song and rhymes, and encouraging them to learn their own languages, their own skills and their own trust.

Childbirth Campaign Support Mothers & Babies Syria

Arriving a newborn baby is not only a moment of rejoicing, but also of worry for those who already face difficulties as fugitives. Many, especially those in informal shelters, are lacking essential goods such as nourishment, clean drinking water and housing. Not only does the childbirth of a baby, with little or no funding and little or no access to healthcare, place an extra burden on a host community, but it also carries the potential to endanger the lives of the baby and the mom.

Jordania is home to nearly 3 million displaced people, of whom more than 650,000 are Syrians (UNHCR, Aug 2016) who have escaped the conflicts in their people. More than half of the displaced Syrians in Jordan are female. Nobody knows how many infants were conceived by syranian mother migrants in Jordan, but UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, said that 16,000 fugitives were simultaneously pregnant. 16,000 of them were children of children of Syrian people.

The 5,000th child victim was conceived in March 2016 in the Zaatari concentration camps, which are home to 80,000 displaced persons and are the fourth biggest town in Jordan. Every months about 300 infants are conceived in the warehouse. Syriacs are not permitted work visas. By November 2014, the Government of Jordan abolished free healthcare for displaced Syrians, making it almost unfeasible for many expectant mothers to pay for hospitalization.

Muslim help will offer expectant Mothers all that they need for a secure childbirth. As part of the "Birth" program, we assume the cost of hospitalization and shipping as well as immediate follow-up expenses such as sanitation items, baby clothing, groceries and items needed for both parents and children. We will do our best to ensure this in those unhappy cases where a newborn or maternal needs further attention.

Currently, many trafficked females are compelled to give at home, even in temporary shelters, due to limited finances and uncertain conditions for both their mothers and children. Also, many trafficked mothers cannot use hospitals because they are not registered mothers. Due to the constant flow of millions of refugees, Jordan's and Lebanon's infrastructures have been extended to almost the limits of what is feasible.

Through our sponsors, Islamic Help wants to help as many of these families as possible to give babies in safety, to know that their newborn is coming into this wide range of countries in a secure and welcoming shelter. Our aim is to build a system that supports the current health care infrastructures and institutions and develops a new one that meets the needs of tens of millions of women as well as infants.

Help us give life: Sponsorship of the Syrische Mütter & Babys initiative.

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