Bay Clothing

Bays Clothing

Hannah's Bay Clothing specializes in women's apparel from juniors to oversized and has the latest styles and fashions to make you look just right. Store online Strawberry Bay clothing, a British brand inspired by today's growing lifestyle generation and offering the perfect casual women's collection. Apparel store Calico Bay, Three Rivers, MI.

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Flying Style Choc Brown fur padded coat. Synthetic supple material with Nu-Buck grain. Brown, shades of yade grass, marvellous gown with sequined corsage, gathered seam and back ribbons. Cruiseé. Outfit. Sweet rock with top details. Well, I loved that rock, but it doesn't fit anymore. Fantastic ladies quality brown sheepskin & Flying Biker motorcycle coat from Bay.

Completely padded with partial synthetic fur trim and full fleece liner. Sleeves: Zipper & buckle with details for fake fur sleeves. Hawki colorer and decenter white ombre-look. Women's double button front jacket in black Bay with 2 front pocket and 2 front pocket straps. Wintage Bay deep blue marine A-line shiftshift gown in heavy modal/polyester stretched cord. Strain the material so that it sticks to the chest and thighs.

Bay Trading dark / navy pinstripes 12 inch women's suits from Bay Trading. Bay women's blazer with 2 pockets & buttons & belt buckle. Women's SEXY dark gown with deep cleavage and frilly details on the lower half of the gown. Sequined details in sterling silver at the top of the front and one side at the bottom of the hem.

Ladies BAY Clothing

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