Be Baby Clothes

Let's be baby clothes

In the Babies collection you will find a modern and creative look. Wear your children with Búho's clothes boho chic style | Búho Barcelona. L.A. already has a whole wardrobe full of clothes for her unborn child.

The Observatory, a timeless children's clothing brand under the creative direction of Laia Aguilar. There are some of the leading brands of cloth diapers available along with cute and affordable baby clothes!


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Constructed from a breatheable, hydrophobic, polyurethane-coated PUL (polyester) shell, stitched onto a buttery-soft micro fleece inner lining so that only the smoothest of the smoothest fabrics touch your baby's touch. - Firm, hard-wearing rubber band at your waist as well as at your leg for a smooth and safe seat. - Dual row of easily adjustable press studs for a correct seat at the leg and the waist.

  • A nice selection of truly stunning colors that address a broad palette of aesthetics. - A practical pocket, large enough for daddy's hand, which offers the possibility to place the absorptive interior between the non-woven fabric and the impermeable exterior shell if required. Sizes 1 will fit from 7 - 20 lbs, and sizes 2 will fit from 18 - 40 lbs.
  • This is the ultimative winding technology to use! - AppleCheeks? Cover is characterized by a singular envelopesign, similar like a bag nappy, but with NO DUST REMOVAL.

bundle - rent of baby clothes

Babies' clothing is an enormous effort for a parent, as the British home spends an annual £480 on it. Adult clothing is often not re-used. One third of the perfect baby wear is discarded in the garbage can, and most others are simply placed in the loft so that they are never again carried.....

There are 183 million baby clothes in stock in British houses! Baby clothes need to last longer! The Bundlee is the first baby clothes hire contract in the UK. Every 3 month, a package of high-quality baby clothes is sent to those who register for the lease. As soon as their baby has grown out of the clothes, the parent returns it (the clothes, not the baby!) to Bundlee and is then sent the next up.

Rents help families: Savings on Money - Hiring is a much more accessible alternative than purchasing and gives homes better value clothing at lower rates. Take up less room - Simply give full-grown clothing back to Bundlee. With a baby, it's not possible to live the minimalistic fantasy? Protection of the enviroment - The clothes are re-used by the rental.

We' ve created the Baby Clothes Hire for Family in Manchester, but we need your help to introduce hire offers across the UK!

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