Best Baby Care Products

The best baby care products

Mothers love an all-in-one product and this versatile, non-irritating, oil-free ointment is perfect for everyday use. 5 of the best...environmentally safe baby care products

Whilst one or the other non-biological additive is not too disturbing for an adult, it is another for a child. Babyskin is five thicknesses and more absorptive than our own and is a less efficient toxin-barrier. In addition, a certain amount of a baby food that you use is likely to end up in your mouth and the need to be on the hunt for contaminants becomes obvious.

Which baby cream, lotion and potion should you use? In order to help you get started, we have put together five chemical-free products. Green Peoples Organic Babies No Scent Baby Wash and Shampoo, 6.89Prize winner of last year's Trotters Independent Publishing Services[TIPS] environmentally responsible product prize, Green People's fragrance-free product can be used for both swimming and body cleansing, helping to cut the amount of products your baby is subjected to.

In addition to potentially hypoallergenic scents, the product is also free from sulfate of caustic soda - a washing agent found in most modern products that is largely to blame for the feared lacrimation when bathing. £7.50 Each of the ingredients in this calming baby green baby essential is organically grown. Like many Green Baby products, this product works for adult users with delicate skins.

The best baby skins: Irritating free formulations for your child's epidermis

Nourish your baby's baby using soft, non-irritant recipes. It is a good source that the Duchess of Cambridge also likes Bloom and Blossom products. From baby linen to biologically degradable towels, this small kit is a good place to start and a great present. For new mothers, if an interminable night's rest seems like a remote memento, try this softer variation of This Works' Knockout cushion fog designed for infants over three month of age.

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