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Best 13 children's coats for fall As soon as the cold in fall starts, the children need an additional shift for everything, from running the schools to getting out and on the weekend. The best thing about it is that it has a zippered pocket on the back where you can put the whole coat when you don't need it. Obtainable in either purple or purple, this showerproof parkas looks great.

Zippered and snap fastener choices and practical pocketing are available, and it is fully machine-washable. Availible in the colors oranges, grays, blacks or blues, we have found that it is also really sturdy, which is a great hand-me-down. It is also launderable in the maschine. Synthetic material is used, as you can imagine for the asking prices, and is mechanically washed.

Children will love calling the saurians, and the bags are sturdy. It' s all first class, from the zipper to the removable hoody and the liner is quick drying. Since years this classical duffel bag protects children of all age groups from the element and at the same time makes them look good. Children were telling us that they felt comfortable in it and they liked how simple it is to move around in it, as well as the big bags.

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If you buy your child a weatherproof coat, you need to think about how much of an outdoor home you are or intend to be. Whether you enjoy camp or walking in all weathers, it is a good idea to invest in a proper, impermeable coat that will stand up to the rigors of frequent use from early in the year to late in the fall.

It is also important when they go on foot or by bike to college, and when they do, you should also pay attention to wearing impermeable coats with reflecting stripes to keep them secure on and around crowded streets. When you only need something for casual use, it's less important to get something very techical, although you might want to look for a tight fitting coat that's not too unwieldy to slip into a rucksack or under a stroller.

Although all the coats on this checklist are waterproof, some of the materials felt more durable than others in our tests. It was the most costly coat we tried, but also the one our seven-year-old athlete shone the most. Removable hoods, zippered side pocket and discreet reflex stripes.

Sealing is dependable, the fact that it is a one-piece material keeps it especially hot and cool in bad conditions, and the reflecting edging keeps it invisible even on dark night. It was one of the heavier coats we tried, which is more important for younger kids, but is also highly resistant to water and as durable as you would want from a shellcoat.

It is a very handy designer; the hooded is removable, the zipped top pocket and there is a neat piece of reflecting decoration. Polar O Pyret also sell a suitable sturdy, impermeable dungarees. It is a good, plain, impermeable kit at a very reasonable cost. Available only in blacks, it is not perfect for bikers, but there are reflex stripes on the back.

One of the heavier coats was tested, so we think it's better for daily use than one you'd collapse in a pocket for emergency use in damp weathers. It is a top of the range weatherproof coat. While our testers wore it in a torrential rain, it remained clean - the rain drops rolled off the cloth, but the coat has a light, breathing comfort and is easy to pack in a satchel.

It would work as a sound day-to-day choice for the schools, but it would also be good for campgrounds. This skipper has a similar wax-like finishing to Jojo Maman Bebe's Fisherman coat, but has a slightly easier feeling. This would work well as a good day time diving coat from early in the year to late in the fall and our younger tester liked the daring sharks and diving design.

It is not a breathing cardigan, but this is usually not necessary for smaller kids. However, there are no reflecting characteristics. We found it wasn't as hot in the breeze as some of the more popular makes, but it's light and easy to breathe and can be folded into a satchel.

Muddy Puddles Puddlepac is our Best Buy, as it is a beautifully crafted impermeable coat at a reasonable cost.

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