Best Baby Gear 2016

Baby Best Equipment 2016

Infant pods can be found in Mother & Baby Magazine. Hasteing's qualities as best value in Dad's Mag FQ Ezine.

2016 Best Baby & Toddler Gear Awards now open

From now on the entries for the Best Baby and Toddler Gear Awards 2016 are open. Each year, the 4th Awards provide new category, new career paths and new ways to set them apart. Marks can choose how they want to participate, with a default, extended or listing plate.

Contributions will be presented on-line and attendees can decide to become part of the highly acclaimed Best Baby & Toddler Gear and have a beautiful, tailor-made promotional film made. Prizes will be awarded on September 1 and celebrate at Best Baby & Toddler, which in 2015 achieved 125,000 parenting successes.

It is full of interesting stories and an inspiring guidebook that is a must for expecting mothers.

2016 Best Baby and Infant Equipment

Our latest range of high quality paints has won two renowned prizes. Grossnug won in the nappy changing section as the most cutting-edge baby and baby food item. It' s great to know that the original item that launched our store is still the favorite of mothers and fathers throughout the UK 16 years later.

Ms Zoggy Trainer Horst Shortlist at the Best Baby Toddler Gear Awards 2016

On the shortlist for this prestigious swimming security prize, the Miss Zoggy Trainer Seat is a favourite item - an perfect buoyancy support to help children get used to the feeling of it. Featuring superior security characteristics, the range is convenient, light and invisible, easily packaged for holiday - and affordably priced.

Organizers of the award are now entering the stage of retail tests, where the general audience will try out the nominees and assess the finalists. If you vote with Mumii, you'll be able to have a say and tell the award organizers what you really value.

Audience voting also determines the Consumer Choice Awardee, who won the 2015 Consumer Choice Awardee for our Swimfree Floatsuit! In addition to the prizes of the jury and those of the products tester, the Consumer Choice is awarded in the form of prizes in the form of golds, silvers and bronzes.

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