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The Little London Awards 2015 - Best Skin Care Series for Toddlers Butterfly London is the UK's first organically grown luxurious baby care line. That is why Little Butterfly London's baby products are designed to the highest standard, hyperallergenic, dermatologically proven and authorised for the most vulnerable skins of all, those of your baby. Small Butterfly Organic Ltd is a member of BUAV (The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection) - a non-profit organization that fights peaceful battles against the use of animals.

This is a guidebook for the best non-toxic and organically produced baby products you should already have!

We' d all think, "I'm sure baby products don't have any unpleasant ingredients..." Now, now... from synthetics, dyes or excipients and conservatives to pet chemicals, petroleum products, paraabens, phthalates, propane ethylene Glycol, SLS/SLES, peg, methylisothiazolinone monomer (MI) and methylchloroisothiazolinone monomer (MCI). Isn' that enough cause to look for toxin-free and organically produced baby articles? Catherine Day has done another great research after "How to Reread and Really Get a Labels Guide" to show you in the most instructive way possible the full line of non-toxic baby products you should have in your closet.

She' s formally known as "The Label Detective", but she has also not been charged for reviewing these products and is a real one that she has used for her own baby. If you are at home for diaper changes, the best way to be totally free of chemicals is to just use hot tap wash and wadding mats.

Come in...BABY CIPES! The majority of baby cloths were appalled when I was reading the ingredient, they were just full of bad chemistry that I couldn't stand going on the straight cut of a little baby's face. Fortunately, we have many possibilities for chemical-free cloths. My first brand I tried and liked was tissues made with only pure bottled running mineral oil and a single drip of grain fruit kernel extracts.

Other brands I've tried and successfully followed in their tracks are Pure Born dry cleaning cloths (water, tealeafil, protection against coconuts), which are great. Even though towels are so practical when you're out and about, they're not always fully biologically degradable, which has a clear impact on the natural world.

A brand named Canny Mum makes organic bamboo cloths that you buy dried, and you just need to put in your own bottled running oil to make them moist cloths! When you are looking for the common ingredient listing for baby nappies/nappies stamps on-line, I wager you cannot find it. Though I tried a few chemical-free makes, I wasn't satisfied with the leakage or the feeling of them.

They are not only totally free of chemical substances, but also much more environmentally friendly, as they dissolve within 180-day. It was actually advised to NOT use the diaper creme after every diaper exchange. and my baby had hardly any problems with diaper-rashes.

But there are occasions when she has a little diaper deflection, e.g. around the beginning time. Following diaper deflection lotions or balsams are delicious. Ringelblumen Weleda diapercreme. Weleda products are totally free of artificial insecticides, perfumes and dyes and are 100% naturally certificated.

In their products they use only high-quality biological and biological raw materials. Ringelblume is a plant that has been used for hundreds of years to heal wounds and reduces inflammations as an anti-septic for the treatment of dermatological diseases. Camomile extract is also contained in this beautiful creme, which helps alleviate erythema and irritations.

Can also be used on any part of the body that is either dehydrated or wounded, not only in the diaper area! Lavender diaper ointment is another beautiful cosmetic treatment. This is a day-to-day balsam that can be used to treat diaper rashes, as well as wounds, spots of dried flesh, dried lips/noses, wrinkles, incisions and abrasions.

Although I am not the greatest admirer of volcanic flowers, I use this for general drought and it is perfect for diaper rashes and clarifies any red patches after 1 or 2 use. 100% 100% naturally, it was conceived by a mother whose daughter's coat was poorly dehydrated and susceptible to allergies.

Really recommending this series! Camomile babyöl - that smell so beautiful! This is a clean and genuine substitute for a baby petroleum and contains NULL petrol chemicals, particles, conservatives, perfumes, artificial scents, dyes or ingredients. Why I loved this item is because it's multifunctional.

In the bathroom it can be used as swim oils and in combination with wadding as a soft, environmentally compatible replacement for baby cloths. Made from 100% naturally occurring substances, it is also certified by the Soil Association. Our assortment is completely free of fragrances and colors, petrochemistry, parabens, phtalates, ethylene sulfide, SLS/SLES, phenyl phenyl, methyl isothiazolinone (MI) and methyl chloroisothiazolinone (MCI).

You can use this magical ingredient as a bath lubricant, baby massage lubricant, for general cleansing on wet wadding, as a swim hat lubricant and if you want a fast face treatment also for adult cleansers! Baby Weleda shampoo and body cleansing is really astonishing. This is a totally naturally occurring treatment that can be applied to both your scalp and your scalp.

Fully vegetarian, it is made with gentle vegetable detergents and without the use of chemical products. The product is environmentally safe and does not contain any artificial substances. One of my other favorites is a combination of Earth Friend Baby shower and lingerie (because it's simpler if it's 2 in 1 and anything that helps save your precious little bit of money is a winning one in such a situation!

All Earth Friendly Baby products are Ecocert certificated, which means that they are officially approved as either naturally or organically sourced. Your products are produced from biological cultivation, i.e. there is no fertilizer. You are a RSPO (Roundtable of Sustained Palm Oils ) member to make sure that only the hand held hand held hand held palm Oils are sustainably used.

You are totally against using animals for your products and herbs. It' s totally free from parabenes, SLS has no synthetic flavors or colors and is 99.2% naturally and 50. 1 percent organically. After all, I like to use Humphrey's Cornernatural baby skincare series. Every single item is made with organically and naturally derived components, all of which are paraben-free, colourless and fragrance-free, pH-neutral, pH-neutral, biologically degradable and available in recycled bottle form.

Clean beginning The bite gels are a completely new type of bite gels, which in my opinion are immediately active to relieve the bite gum. Camomile is a powerful inflammation inhibitor that reduces puffiness in a way that calms and soothes the infected gingiva. Sheer toothpaste has 99% organic content and actually tasted good, which is the first obstacle to cleaning a kid's tooth!

It' s sugarfree (not all baby toothpastes are!) and it' s also fluoride-free. When I clean my toy or wipe the high stool tablet (700 x per day!) after meals, it gives me the assurance that I'm using a biologically certificated aerosol made from botanical extract and shown to have killed 99 people.

No paraben, SLS-free, SLS-free, phenoxyethanol-free, synthetic colour free, synthetic fragrances also free. Living in Abu Dhabi in the midst of the dessert (almost literally), it was important to me to find a chemical-free suntan lotion for my little ones. The best I've found so far is this one from Child's farm.

SPF 50+, water-repellent and UVA and UVB-proof. At Childs Farm we do not test any of our products on animal species, most of our products are vegan friendly. And another great choice is the seventh generation natural stain remover, which is also astonishing when it comes to getting rid off spots and making you save a fortune by not having to discard your outfit!

USDA Organic free of fluorescent whiteners, colorants, scents and artificial scents. It is biologically degradable, not animal-approved. The Bentley Organic hand cleanser is a biologically approved cleanser that has been shown to clean and disinfect 99 people. It' just a beautiful way to make sure you have germ killing in the midst of a diaper switch in the center of the farm or in the back of your auto when there's no kitchen sinks in view!

Can be used on wounded breasts to provide them with moisture when you are breast-feeding without worrying that the baby will swallow any bad chemical. Kokosöl is also fantastically as all around moisture creme for Babys, AND also as diapercreme. - You can' t do anything bad with hot tap and a little wadding for cleansing.

Last but not least, there are a few other brand names for natural/organic baby products that I can suggest to you: I' ve tried SO much more than these few products, but I certainly trust this will give you a good base for your own brand and idea, so you can pick what works best for you. Check out this guidebook under "How to look at and really get a label", where Catherine also provides detailed information about the certification you would find on the products.

Before Catherine became a mother, she told us her history and some of the implications she had gone through before using products and brand names full of poison. Are there any other similar trademarks you know of or are interested in? You are a good brand that wants to present the history on our affirmative action online channel to encourage more people to make the transition to a more sustainability conscious life style?

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