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Premium baby products for new mums and dads Parenting is an exhilarating and scary experience - to prepare everything your upcoming arrivals need before they get here. Breastpump sets, automobile seat sets, pyjamas and first Aid boxes - we look at the top products for new mothers. Practical package containing a number of Medela's most beloved products: two vials, a special Calma nipple pack, 12 suckling pills, a 7g PureLan bottle, five milk sachets and a sterilizing microwaves sachet.

150 ml collecting flasks that fits on the breastpump - available seperately - are simple to wash, slim in size, long lasting and non-spill. It comes with top and bottom caps that just click and make sure it stays neat. The Calma Tip has been developed to allow baby to self monitor the water supply and it is also free from leaks and perfect for bottling or chest feed, as the form allows the child to switch between the two with ease.

They are also easily cleaned because they are divided into three different parts. Breast feeding liners are always useful to prevent leaks on the way, and the breast feeding pouches also allow simple and space-saving storing of the breastfeed. Even the microwaves pouch is simple to use and will save your valuable floorboard time and space.

It is an effective, small and convenient electrical power supply unit that is extremely user-friendly and can be supplied by either power or batteries. They are also cleanable as they can readily be dismantled into smaller, wash-able parts. The Baby Nutrition Pack is an outstanding pack, including 22 different parts that have been developed to provide the ideal nutritional supplement for your baby as he or she grows.

Featuring all the advantages of the NutriBullet, this smaller model of the popular mixer is simple to use and comes with two different knife types: a transverse knife and a shallow knife so that a variety of different raw materials can be used to make pureed and chunky foods. There is also a charge dish in the kit that allows the parent to prepare a large amount of foods that can be kept in the refrigerator or deep-freeze.

In order to ensure effective grocery stowage, the set is supplied with easy-to-use, flexible freezing bowls and six side display date cup holders so you can be sure when the groceries were prepared. Pocket Nutritionist" also provides information on when your baby is prepared to change to solid nutrition, suggesting the right nutritional supplements, and which ones provide what benefit.

This is a great kit that offers a nice, effective and refreshing replacement for the baby foods you buy in the store. It is a hugely useful accessory that offers convenience and security for the baby as well as usability and effectiveness for the parent. Thanks to its exquisite styling, it can be transformed from a stroller to a baby carriage in one go and its small dimensions and outstanding sleek castors make it very easily navigable.

In order to turn the Doona chair into a baby carriage, just press a knob on the back and the castors come down while the leg extends and locks into place. Rear is made to turn it back into a vehicle safety seal. Designed for infants from 1.8 to 13 kg in weight, this chair will grow with the baby with a detachable baby tray and one-point crockery adjustment.

Although it is a little difficult to raise with a baby, it is easy to get into a vehicle and comes with clear instruction. There is also a saddle covering, i.e. if the tyres have been used on dirt or sludge floors, the vehicle is safe. It is also long-lasting and has given us the ultimative lightness for hospitals, day outings, shoppers and more.

A stunning staple and an absolutely great deal at its best value. It is a beautiful baby sling that offers both parents and infants convenience and safety. This great wearer, which has been designed from the start, will support the baby's scalp but will expand and transform so that it can be used for many more years. When not in use, it occupies little space, so it can be stored in a diaper pouch and folds away effortlessly.

It also has a significant amount of cushioning, making it convenient for both parents and babies. Four-in-one function makes it possible to use the vehicle with the baby towards the parents, with a small and broad adjustment, i.e. it can be lengthened during the child's growth. He can also bear a baby who looks away from the parents, as well as on the back of the parents.

A great quality at a great value. Moba has the dimensions of an ordinary Moses hamper, so it can sit comfortably next to the parents' beds and is relatively light, which means it is easy to carry. Can be used for infants from childbirth up to six month. It is a very soft brassiere and its elastic fabric has enabled me to use it during my maternity and weaning.

The little one likes this great rockers and often sleeps in it thanks to its comfortably cushioned shape and reassuring sound variety. Coming in a variety of styles, this cute seesaw is a two-in-one system that works both as an electric vibratory seesaw and as a mobile seesaw chair. Comes with a belt that covers the shoulder, around the waist and between the leg, providing the baby with the best possible security.

The Joie Serina 2 in 1 is designed for kids up to about six month of age. It has six swivel speed, a three-stage recliner, five lullabies and five natural noises. There is also a smooth four setting dim moonlight, an inverted rail with two playthings hanging over the child's heads, and a swivel chair that swings the baby from side to side or from front to back.

Upholstery and headrest are detachable and wash-able. This is a beautiful little bit of kits that our little girls find very calming and comfy. It is made of bio-colour and is therefore particularly suitable for babies with sensitive baby skins. There is a two-way zip on the underside which makes it easier to change diapers.

Beautiful nightwear that offers a warm th and cosy atmosphere for the baby and rest for the parents. Although quite expensive, the Sleepyhead iPod is a great way to keep your baby cosy from childbirth to eight month. It' s smooth, light weight makes it convenient for babies, while it' s convenient for parents as it can be worn light.

Sleepyhead Deluxe also has an adjustment belt and clips on the underside so that it can be lengthened as the baby' s growth progresses. The sweater is designed for babies over four month of age and comes with detachable leafy teething rings on the seats and four attachable toys: wobbling tree that teaches cause and effect; a chestnut that leaps puppet men when the baby leaps; a rotating honey that clatters and shakes; and a hoglet reflector with drumsticks on each side.

It has a low seating position, which provides assistance to the baby and can be swivelled 360º. Comes with a glowing clamp tone counters that follows the baby's leaps and bounds and rewards the baby with brightly colored highlights and noises. You will also see a parental warning at 10 and 20 minutes interval to keep tabs on use.

Offering all the must-have baby equipment in a medicinal carrying case with a carrying grip that can be taken on vacation and flies out effortlessly. Packed in a convenient case, the case is designed to make it simple to store and safe for your child to treat the most commonly occurring baby diseases.

A great stand-alone product and also a great complement to the Poorly Boo Baby Box. It has nine pockets: a two way zippered body section; a back zippered section with the same deepness as the body section; a smaller zippered front section with a small sachet for small objects; a side zippered section; an open side zippered section - perfect for easily accessing a bottle; two nappy or bottle sections in the body section, etc.; and a small zippered section on the back of the large body section.

Comes with a diaper changer that is cushioned but would be better wiped well. It also has buggy belts so that it can be suspended from a buggy or baby carriage, convenient, broad, padded cushioned and reclining shoulder belts and a convenient topgrip. It is an absolute baby carrier of excellence - beautifully convenient and far more appealing than the standard diaper carrier.

The stable small bathtub chair has rounded corners for added convenience and non-slip suction cups fixed to the floor. The open sides and the possibility to rotate 360° make the little one easily washable, while the rotating function and a sphere that can be swivelled at the front entertain the boy.

Like all bathing products, the baby must always be monitored during use, and a maximal waterline indicates how far the bathroom should be emptied to make sure the baby remains safely. It also has a moulded satin finish and is non-slip for added convenience. The beautiful baby chair is equipped with an adaptable swivel plate - and the entire frame is easy to wipe off.

Coming in a variety of colors, the boost is attractive to both boy and girl and is attached to a eating area with belts running around the back of the chair and also under the chair. However, the belts must not be wiped neatly. It is also supplied with reclining feet with elastic bottom and three adjustments in level, as well as moulded and non-slip for optimum protection and security.

These long-lasting baby seats are inexpensive and a good bit of construction set. Smart-Rewards pots have a number of sensor responses that respond when the baby is sitting down, filling the pots, standing up and using the rinse - and each times the pots respond with a different encouraging signal, even if the baby is unable to fill the pots during some attempts.

Robust and robust, this pot will not tilt or tear lightly, but its flat top and back make it convenient and life-like. In addition, it is simple to keep cleaned and comes with a removable cover that can be snapped onto a lavatory chair in due course.

There is also a diffuser that can be attached to the chair for small children and the lightweight construction makes it attractive for everyone. Only error is a small deceleration after the baby has confessed before being asked to rinse. Labels that are stuck out from the roll in the back of the jar can also be easily pulled out by roguish little ones - but the jar also comes with a replacement roll of labels.

Ideal for helping the baby while he or she is washing in a washbasin, this neat bathing support is ideal. It' s beautiful to look like a rorqual, optically pleasing and its smooth flanked fabric also makes it comfy. These beautiful little glasses are suited for the age of nine to 18 month and are adaptable and long-lasting.

In addition, they are light and made of soft-touch synthetic material, which makes them pleasant to use. Also available in a variety of colors - greens, blues and pinks - they are ideal for a variety of flavors and styles. The stroller is nice, easy to use, convenient, trendy and very appealing.

Coming in a range of color choices that can be selected on-line, this is a luxury system that provides a gentle drive for babies and simple push for parenting and is suited to a variety of terrain thanks to its powerful castors. In addition, the stroller has a two-way seating system that leans back completely with the front or rear view, as well as an extendible awning.

And it is very roomy, so the baby takes a lot of your attention - from the neonate to several years with the carrying bag, which makes it possible to convert the system into a baby carriage, making it a good return on your money. In spite of its large dimensions, it is also easily stored and transported, with a floor that is removable and collapsible.

Luxe Carry Cot is also easy to remove and reattach to the chassis, making it even more comfy. This is a really attractive, easy and handy return on your money. This also allows two-way conversations, which means that the parent can listen to their baby and calm it down. It' s also a good image, but it doesn't have any definitions - and it's not what we had expected given the cost of the item.

It' also very simple to set up. In addition, the saddle has four vertical position. This sturdy and long-lasting stool is also smudge-proof and comes with a detachable tablet with a two-year warranty. The three-point belt and security strap ensure that the baby is safe. There is also an ergonomic foot rest that allows the user to move the stool as needed as the baby wears out.

In addition, two interlocking mechanism prevents the door from being opened by an infant, while a visually indicates whether the door has been correctly interlocked. There is also an additional large opening that makes it easy to get through when you carry a baby or objects such as a toy or clothes. Featuring an innovation in soft tones, this soft coloured vehicle saddle is a great choice for offering children convenience and security, as well as parental security and use.

This beautiful upholstered chair is available in the colours blue, gray and blue and rotates 360° so your baby can get out of the vehicle easily and effortlessly. Designed for babies up to four years of age, the chair can be adjusted forwards and backwards - backwards from the moment of delivery and upwards from 9 kg.

In addition, it has five reclining position which can be used regardless of whether the chair is forward or backward directed. Spin 360 is also ideal for warm and chilled, with integrated side vents to keep the baby coolly. Beautiful, appealing automobile seats that make parents' lives easier, grow with the baby and make a good outlay.

Can also be used on a variety of different equipment, with three connections for cots, cots, carrier bags, prams and wicker carriages. The product is designed for babies from childbirth to the age of six month.

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