Best Buys for new Baby

The best buys for a new baby

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Kardashian Buy a $1100 luxurious celebrity recognized baby cot for newborns Tru eve

The Khloe Kardashian is the latest addition to the celebrity's day-care centre with the Snoo luxurious cot. Prominent followers are Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, Molly Sims and nearer to home, her younger Kim Kardashian has one for Chicago daugther. Designed by an engineering expert, the smart cot swings in reaction to a baby's screams and plays whistling in order to rock it back to serenity.

With a price of over $1000 (a hefty $1,160 plus taxes to be exact), the beds are certainly a luxurious article. Snoo was the brainchild of baby sleeping maestros Dr Harvey Karp, a favourite of the LA baby community thanks to his bestselling The Hapiest Baby On The Block. With its minimalistic mid-century styling, the white-wood coloured crèche would look good in any children's room.

She undoubtedly is living in the womb of deluxe - other articles in her daycare center are a $600 Versace diaper change case, a cover from the same fashion house for $365 and even a Givenchy Kids skin coat available for $1,450. Prior to her birthday, grandmother Kris Jenner bubbled up over 8,000 dollars for articles from the baby shop Petit Tresor.

Cris - who is already a grandma up to eight years old - injected 3,600 dollars into three huge filled monkeys and spend 4,200 dollars on a suitable rose baby slide seat and Otto kit, and 550 dollars on an extraordinary silvery high seat.

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