Best Buys for Newborns

The best purchases for newborns

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Buy best deals on twins - Newborn products - Hayley from Home

If you have a new child, there are so many things out there that you have to buy for them, and there are also a whole bunch of things that you buy but don't use very often! So I was very economical when it came to purchasing for our Gemini.

Apart from the apparent (car seats and somewhere to sleep) these are my best twin needs. Every Stroller is really enough and it is important to choose one that fits your life style, but this is the one that we have chosen.

Bathing Aid - Bathing Aid I only purchased these belatedly in my gestation after seeing them in a prenatal twins and they are fantastic! Now I had a bunch of them before our Gemini came, but when they were birth, I was buying more...and more...and more...and more...and more.

You' re gonna go through a hell of a rough time with Gemini. Grobag - These are simply amazing; when your Gemini are small, it is sometimes hard to find them small enough, but ours went into them from about a week of age. Then I used them to feed; a Gemini in each of the chairs and I sat in the center with the bottle.

So, there are my six best buys for twins baby, the neonatal issue! Even if you are breastfed, a dual nursing pad would be priceless, and if you are bottle-fed, I know that twins mother pledge the Tommee Tippee Prep Perfection maschine.

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