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Tub Review - Bathtubs and Bathtubs Reviews - Puj Tub Equipment

The Puj Tub is a shallow, spade-shaped device made of a smooth, supple and non-slip polyurethane rubber material that is folded into a seating position and clicks into place with a magnet. If you bathe your child not in the bathroom but in the Puj tub, you save your precious little ones from having to stoop down and stress your back.

It was chosen as the number one babies item in America in 2010, and now it is on the shelves. As Katie, now 4 month old, was reborn, we agreed to give her her first swim in the washbasin. Whereas traditional bathrooms are annoying to keep, the Puj tub becomes flat and can be suspended inconspicuously behind the bedroom doors or under a cot.

Feel pleasant - hot and muddy - and obviously pleasant for infants as Katie was radiant all the time. It is also a great Caesarean maternal supplement that allows you to swim your child at waist height instead of having to lean over the bathroom inconveniently.

Fighting to give a fidgeting, excited Katie a puj -tub laundry, I let myself be defeated and let her have a regular swim instead. Presented as appropriate for up to 6 month or 17lb/7. 7kg, but my 13lb 4-month-old is way too big for that. Katie suffers from a small amount of excess moisture and her bodies displace it so much that it becomes overflowing - and the sink hole is over the edge of my full-sized pool.

The ground is very damp and not enough in the Puj Tub to allow Katie to do even the most volatile washes. Katie also means that when she is in the Puj Tub, she is much too near to the faucets. Washing the babies off is also a real challange. Producers suggest using a seperate pitcher of pure drinking soda to shower your little one, but that means either trying to push a pitcher between your belly and the faucet to fill it, or trying to get the soda out of the bathtubs, possibly turning your little one's eye away.

Rinsing them with the Puj Tub drinking tap is out of the question at least at Katie's old age, as there is just not enough. For whom is the Puj Tub best suited? Newborns in houses where there'?s not much room. Puj Tub is an cutting-edge baby bath that is ideal for taking a bath in a baby, especially if you have had a C-section.

Lightweight and simple to stow, it's perfect for space-hungry homes, but don't anticipate using it for more than a few short months, it's just not big enough to last beyond the neonatal stages.

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