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The best children's clothing for children

the best place for children's clothes? Though Next & M&S are nice boutiques with a fantastic selection of clothes, there is no way that I can buy all my daughter's clothes from there myself. Buying from Matalan, Dunnes, Asda Living and many other things are second hand off boots, fundraisers and eBay.

Next I like clothes, but I get all DS's next things second hand. What's the best? I' ll wager you'd get plenty of nice clothes for your little girl from car boots or fundraisers. Normally I get DS clothes from Tesco. The Sainsburys children's clothes are great. Quite sensible to begin with, and they often have 25% discount on all clothes for a weekly period now and then.

Use Tesco too (I work there so you get my personnel discount) and sometimes Asda or Mattalan! Next I like, so I'm also trying to keep saving a few pence all year round and then go to their shelves! When my daugther gets Christmas or birthday pay, I'll put some cash into her bank and then do some shopping for beautiful things in the next deal.

Personally, I like my girl to have Clark's footwear, but will generally go to Brantano as they do Clark's, but I sometimes buy their own brand. My granddaughter was still a little kid and I got a bunch of shit on Ebay - always a looker! H&M for both of them.

iPhoto: I get abew bit from Asda, iv also heared that Matalan is really good too. I go there directly to the sport for sporting bit, so much more cheap. H&M for both of them. iPhoto: I get abew bit from Asda, iv also heared that Matalan is really good too. I go there directly to the sport for sporting bit, so much more cheap.

On Ebay - actually I just dressed both my children for the next year on about £60. OK - so it's used, but all in very good shape, some with the tag still on the clothing. I got my FCd, Jasper Conran, Fat Face and other design things in their batches and my next clothes for my boys.

In Asda, Catalan and Primark we would buy most of our twin clothes as they are a good value and they have some beautiful clothes, especially Asda at the mo. We had a bunch of clothes from Tesco, fundraisers (if you normally look Saturday afternoons Monday mornings, you'll find that most places will have the new supply for the beginning of the weeks finished and much of it is good grade with tags for children clothing ) also peacocks are good for clothing, although that's mainly for parts and pieces with our two.

Now I have a daugther who is almost 5 and gets her stuff off a multitude of places and seldom pays much for any of her stuff though (unless dad let me loose with the c. d. in the next lol), usually gets her bits off tesco, sainsbury, from her, too, alsda and recently got an H&M in our area, so now a lots of her things come from there and also got some things from primary, her t-shirts are not great, but things like denim and short and even garden clothes I have always found good - some things like short with which she is in her third year!

contradict, my kids have high-end high streets clothing and their summers still fit them this summers and still look the same as the winters, their winters coats took 3 years...... I' m getting a bunch of Matalan shit - really beautiful clothes at sensible rates.

BHS is not the least expensive store and Tesco's and H & M. Peacocks can be good for basic stuff like t-shirts/jeans/leggings etc. And I loved their clothes, and they were so sensible. We have next, primary, matalan, tesco, alsda, h&m, somewhere really, I just always buy next on sale and buy for the following year, and all the clothes for Christmas gifts (for the family), we also get hands downs.

since my oldest denim has had from the next and they have gone on and my 2. nd did take my 2. nd didd, and the oldest is growing out of them and then their sisters has them, so they have uniform abrasion. but t-shirts and hoodies, socks, waistcoats panties and vests im not too excited where they come from.

I always purchased a bunch of clothes for my girl on Ebay and only once or twice I wasn't so lucky and the salesman always gave me money back.... It has monsoon clothes, next clothes, debenhams, pumpkin patch, M&S etc. and all good workmanship and perfect state.

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