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The best children's clothing for children

This is one of the big children's clothing brands I know. The best children's clothing store in Amsterdam. An MUST GO children's clothing shop for children!!!

!! - Reviews by CLUB CINQ, Amsterdam, Netherlands

An MUST GO children's clothing shop for children!!!!! For the first times when I was at Club Cinq in The Hague, I am very happy to have seen this place. Thus I also went to the Club Cinq Shop in the Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam. There' so much great clothing to pick from. You also have footwear and accessoires that are ideal for all opportunities or even for a regular nice afternoon that the kids will certainly like.

This is one of the big children's clothing brands I know. I' m definitely going to go see her again. Many thanks to the proprietor Kathelijn, who is behind all these great creations! Are you looking for high class, trendy children's clothing? Club Cinq at the beautiful Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam is the place to be!

Kathelijn Quist, creator and proprietor, has conquered the world with her lovely range for young men and women aged 0 to 14. Meet the proprietor of this stylish label in her own shop at the Konservatoriums-Hotel (a high-end Amsterdam boutique hotel). I' ve never seen such tasty and nice clothing for kids before and my kids really enjoy wearing my workwear!

I' d really suggest a little company. Recently one of my favourite children's clothing shops has opened a shop in the trendy neighbourhood and culture centre of Amsterdam. Situated in the Conservatorium Hotel, the venue itself is a must! I' m a big mixed and matched enthusiast and the luxurious classical feeling of the outfit combines beautifully with denim or any shorts or skirts to get the boys and chics look I like.

Cathelijn Quist, the stylist, has such a great look that I can't wait to see the place for myself! A must during your stay in Amsterdam! I like to buy for the charisma of my boy in the recently opened Club Cinq in the Conservatorium Hotel. Actually, the smallest place in the Van Baerle Mall is the best place in the city for our little ones!

I' m even trying to ask the Kathelijn design and ownership to have one of the beautiful clothes made for me. Definitely deserving of a visitor! Have you ever been to CLUB INQ?

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