Best new Baby Products

The best new baby products

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This is certainly the opinion of more than 1,000 families with a baby under five when we asked them to evaluate the products they own on a 1-5 benefit rating series. At the top of this year's least useful things lists is a top and bottom tray that you can use to wash your baby after a diaper replacement.

The majority of mothers and fathers have a tendency to use towels and then bathe their baby when needed. Whilst infants can relish the jump up and down in one, our mum and dad don't value them that much. Directly behind it follows a stairway door to keep creeping infants and small children in check, and a baby monitor tape.

We' ve found that if you choose to avoid the products on our top 10 least useful baby products lists, you could on average £408** saved. To see if there is anything you can cross off your checklist, check out the complete 10 least useful baby products guidebook.

Even with goals for stairs (number one last year), which prove to be a favourite buy with adults - almost 60% of adults have one. In order to find out what else is included in the checklist, go to the top 10 most useful baby items. During February 2017, we asked 1,046 families of five-year-olds and under to describe the baby products they used and asked them to give them a rating on a most to least useful range.

Top 36 must-have baby products to be launched this year.

We have some great new baby products this months; we've done our research and selected some of our favorites to be shared with you. We have some amazing super products that have just been released by one of our favorite brand, Nuby. We are especially in love with their beautiful baby covers, and our little ones are possessed by their Little Gem Birthstone mat.

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