Best new Born Baby Products

The Best Newborn Baby Products

5 of the best new baby products for 2017 5 of the best new baby products for 2017 It can seem a little overpowering to find the right gear for your valuable bunch, from baby carriages and baby carriages to porters and cylinder warmer. Every weekly it seems that a new baby is launched on the scene where mothers and fathers can let off steam. This is a look at the range for new mothers in 2017...


It is not yet available, but this update of the popular "classic" baby seesaw will be released in February. In 1961 Björn Jakobson had his first doorman manufactured and that was the beginning of BabyBjörn. It is one of those products that either a parent will adore or a parent will despise - something they can keep the baby's baby in so they don't have to.

The website says that it is "perfect for a parent who bottles food with injected breastmilk or formulas. Breastfeeding mothers have a free rein; now even families can "bottle-fed". Influenced by practical father and engineering Martin Hill from Middlesbrough, the Beebo was designed in America, where he now resides.

Martin found out that his baby became quieter when he was reading, and his little baby was quite tricky during the night feed. The Beebo can be placed over any parent's shoulders by placing the cradle just below their shoulders over their chest and then inserting the baby's cradle. Revolving flask cage allows you to change the feed angles and turns out of the way when belching or toying with your baby.

Not yet available for delivery internationally, but Martin said to the M.E.N. that it will soon be available "across Europe" as soon as the right dealer is found. While there are plenty of swim chairs and brackets where you can sit your baby in the big bathroom, the new BabyDam swim water barrier is specially developed to turn your baby bathroom into a baby bathtub - saving you valuable hands and bucks.

The BabyDam can be placed anywhere to provide the desired usable swimming area and saves around 28 liters of fresh air per bathroom. Conceived to blend into any commercial British domestic bathroom, it features suckers that can be removed effortlessly after each use.

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