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Our Baby & Infant event is designed to help you get offers, saving money and great value on a variety of products that are loved by your baby and infant. We' ll keep you up to date by email on our great baby and infant offers, plus the chance to be the first to know about all our forthcoming baby shows.

It can sometimes seem as if you have done a little wonder, while sometimes you wake up in the darkness of the day and wake up in the mornings like a wildcat. Breast-feeding is not something that every mother can take for granted, it is something that requires a little practise, and it is perfectly natural to have a sense that you need a little instruction.

It' s an exhilarating period for you and your baby, and we have a few hints to help you get on. The products are available only.

The best offers of the day: childcare articles

When you expect a baby, you will know how much it costs to buy all the new things you need. However, help is here - our on-line offers can help you spending less. Conceived from the moment of delivery to 24 month, this baby rocker has an ergonomically shaped shape to properly rest the baby's backbone and throat.

Not only is this baby phone handy and full of functions, but it also has a slim and classy look.

Over us with Jane prams and cars UK

There was once a business that was very closely associated with the child care environment and its family, specialising in the development and design of products for infants. Since more than 80 years generation and generation of familys are enjoying all their products: prams, baby cars, cribs, baby cribs, baby cribs and baby beds, swings, bathrooms and diaper change pads, highchairs and walking aids for the first step.

The name of this firm is Jané, SPECIALIST IN FRAMILIES and EXPERT IN ABIES. A whole universe that combines functionality and innovation with security and comfort, traditions with modernness and of course imagination and sympathy with color and enchantment. It is a beautiful place where infants and young children live an incredible life.

Join the Jané world. Jané: It'?s a beautiful world. Ramón Jané Caúm's boy, Manel Jané Vidal, transformed the company with the birth of his own boy. Emboldened by his dad, Manel Jané took up the invitation, and a few and a half day later little Ramón drove a stroller of which Manel Jané was very proud.

Enthusiasm from neighbors and acquaintances led him to build a few foldable prams and present them in Barcelona malls.

Child protection is a priority and Jané strives to surpass specific sector requirements when exploring and designing new products. Jané's innovative designs and technologies make sure that all products are conceived for both the baby's good and safe state. It strives to develop groundbreaking products, patented, to create strollers and seats that outperform the market.

Jané's power as a franchise is built on two different sets of assets. First, the brand's dedication to the cause of solidity is supported by our story, our continued investments in research and philanthropy, as evidenced by our RACC pedestrian safe travel research, our educational programmes and our UNICEF covenant.

Secondly, our products are the result of continual research and developing. We have maintained a consistent approach to our products to provide the best, most unmistakable and singular products while at the same time making sure that they are designed with care to achieve the best possible outcomes. At the same time, we aim to provide benefits to our clients by providing them, and especially their kids, with attributes and qualities not found in other brands' products.

Recently a number of products and brand names with broad distributions have emerged on the markets, products that are strongly trend and stylish oriented and conceived for short-term use. The products do not last long and the client finally realizes what is really behind this kind of deal, the company's poor foresight and a serious dedication to research in the infant community.

Our mission is to make the enterprise stronger and more lasting. The enterprise was established in 1932. Jané's leading role in baby caring is undisputed. Jané has been investing continuously in research and innovation since 1932. It is this philosphy that prompted the establishment of the Jané Crash Test Research Centre, which was established in 2003 and is the only Spanish test lab for children's research.

In contrast to other brand names, our crash-test center is located in our own premises in our plant in Palau-Solità i Plegamans (Barcelona). That means that we can test and re-test our products on a day-to-day base. In this way we can provide you with the best quality seating on the European certified seat industry.

Proud that security is embodied in the Jané trademark and for over ten years the Center has been dedicated to making our products truly the most secure and progressive on the shelves. Recently, the research center was converted to future-proof and makes sure that we keep developing products that provide the best possible care and benefit for infants and youngsters.

Johnson Prams & Buggies Ltd. is the British and British importers / distributors of the Jané brand. Part of the Jané familiy, we take full responsibility for the purchase, import, storage, sale, marketing and after-sales service of Jané products in the UK and Ireland.

Like the Jané Group, Johnston Prams & Buggies Ltd. is also a family-run business with many years of business management expertise. Since 1996 we have been selling the trademark to Specialist Independent and National Retailers, both in the UK and Ireland. Jané is the UK and Ireland based Jané Baby manufacturer's authorised importer/distributor with over 80 years of UK and Irish expertise.

Our expert team can help you with any questions or advise you on any aspects of your buying to ensure you get exactly what you and your new loved ones need. Everything in our catalog is in store, from automobile seat to pram to toys, and everything in store is available for sale.

uk coustomer service support port for the death of your child - throughout the lifecycle of your jane products, our UK resident sales force is available Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:15 to respond to any questions you may have about your purchases. famility of products - working with a firm that is well informed, educated and skilled about the Jané products you buy.

Our aim is to offer the best possible level of support and make sure that every client really does enjoy their purchase with us - after all, it's a very unique period and we believe that purchasing the right set for your new beginning is part of it. Should you have any questions, do not hesistate to get in touch with our 5-star support team!

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