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BushBabes are the number one baby store that began in 1984, from modest beginnings in a small store in Bush Hill Park. In 1991 Bob, Gael's man, entered the baby store and relocated to Bengeo. In 1996 the company grew into a large malthouse in Ware, where it really flourished.

We returned to an Independent Baby Store in February 2015, after a very consensual arrangement with moms and dads, to provide our clients with the best possible assortment of tree care nurseries. The Baby Shop is 5 min from the intersection 25 of the M25. It is a 5000 mĀ² site, full of all the major tree care labels.

Our aim is to offer all our clients the best possible services, the best prices and the most sincere consulting. Our employees are all educated in all facets of baby articles, with particular emphasis on vehicle intimacy. To find out the best baby store adventure, please visit our website or call us for more information.

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Ei Special Edition Jurassic Black Strollers are available from 6 month. Superior technology makes the trip ideal for infants and provides maximum usability for mothers. The Quail is a classy pram with sleek, sweeping curves, ideal for infants and young children from childbirth up to 22kg. Bliss is an ergonomically shaped baby rocker.

The Fendi boy wetsuit is light and athletic. There is a light purple, scarlet and FF-label strip along the sleeve. You will find the stripey striated stripey colored stripey colored spots on the breast. The Fendi FF strollers with FF logos in tan are designed for babies and young children from 6 to 3 years.

Sweet sexy prints in the front and #fendilove embroidery on the bottom. Featuring a glittery golden crest with a "lady" application and the #fendi logo stitched on the bottom, this Fendi girl's frill pullover is a rose coloured sweater. The Fendi girl trainer is made of leather and neoprene.

Featuring a rose-coloured frill with details in cowhide leathers, a black cowhide border around the knuckle and the Fendi emblem on the front, these funny coaches have a black cowhide border around the ankles. It has a rubber cheerleading printed t-shirt with a shiny golden crest, the Fendi emblem on the back below the notch. Can be used by both babies and young women aged 6 month to 3 years.

Upholstered boy's vest by Fendi stuffed with down geese, with a two-tone hazel and orange coloured outside with front zipper and high neck. On the front are the characteristic brand faces. A Fendi boy T-shirt featuring a rubberized rubber banded round neck rubber banded to the front with a round neck yoke.

The Fendi boy t-shirt has a rubberized front side printing on a playing animal with the # Windowplayer text below. On each side the jogger has bags and on the back one with the Fendi emblem, with ripped anklets. The Fendi boy's briefs are made of cowhide faux cowhide faux fur with a bright bluish trimming.

On the front the boots show the big eye with studs. The Leander baby cot is an innovation we like.

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