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Travel with Baby - Egypt

Although I have been living in Egypt since 2003, I never really saw what there is for baby until January last year, when I was out with my two-year-old grandson Jonny. Thought it would be a good thing to divide what you can and can achieve in Egypt for a small baby or infant anywhere in Egypt.

THEY CAN FIND THE FOLLOWING EVERYTHING - when I say everywhere, I mean everywhere, even outside most hotel - unless you live in a remote or suburban resort, but you can get cabs easy to take you to the grocery store and chemist's where you'll find these items:

Egyptians were the least costly, definitely the least costly when you get home, and they were great... The Lebanese were even better, and Phampers were not good at all, had little or no leakage, and were the most costly. Baby-cloths - very cheap and just as good as any I have used in Ireland.

Glasses with baby foods, yogurt, simple pastries, honeys - super markets. Although Jonny used a baby mug to drink while we were in Ireland, we used baby flasks to make sure he would get enough to drink. So we gave him half a tsp or more in his baby flasks, blended with filled waters, and he liked it.

Johnny was drinking a lot more bottled soap than he would have needed in Ireland, and they were usually the response when he got moody - I can say for sure that I would not have noticed that a young child needed so much bottled so much although it may seem evident now that I say so.

When you live in an area where you are near the grocery store and your baby would be in heaven if you would buy a cheap liquidator - about 20 (your hospital would tell you where to go for housewares ) - liquidating the yoghurt would give him enough weight to fill the baby with a teaspoon - Jonny had his first straw experiences and really liked the different kinds of produce.

He loved eating his favorite fruit, the strawberry, grapes, pineapple and orange, which are sweetter than we normally have in Ireland. Quilts - You can buy really thick, smooth, nice baby quilts - full with Discney character for about 5 - great for making the baby comfortable on the way home in the air.

and underwear. The majority of our guesthouses have a good washing facility with a 24-hour cycle - you can also buy baby clothing if you really need it cheap - if you want to clean it yourself, it would be a good thing to take along your own travelling clothing for fast and simple cleaning - you will probably have a terrace in your guesthouse.

Replacement Bottle - not all teat size for baby bottle are available. On our May trip to the Nile, Johnny thrown one of his in the Nile, but would you believe that our boyfriend, Captain Mahmoud, was in another ship downriver from us and succeeded in saving him for us? until it was well sterilised with cooking soda.

Mahmoud Capt saves baby bottles from the Nile! Before our January stay I got a pram in Argos for 20 - since then it has been used in Ireland continually and passed a second journey to Egypt unharmed. It is very practical for transfer between airport terminal and much more secure on the road than having a baby in your arm (unless you use a baby sling) or your hands.

Footwear - I think Crocs are the best footwear for children in Egypt - they are comfy with or without a sock, light and with a thick outsole to keep delicate legs on uneven soils. Infant Baby Strap Egyptians don't like to see infants in the strap or with the wrist pad.

During our first journey to the city with Jonny's hand joint we got too many poor looks - one man actually said in English: "He's not a hound you know! But there are places where a crockery is a very good way to rest - for example on a furucca journey or a kaleschen journey if you have a young child like Jonny who likes running around in the Nile and sometimes chooses to do so!

When a quarrelsome infant slips out of his hand or takes it out of his hand for a second when you are not observing it........a crockery can give the infant liberty and at the same place keep it secure. Jonny keeps walkin' damess aboard for sure. After traveling alone with our little child, I would now definitely choose to go as easily as possible and buy what I need as much as possible in Egypt.

When you come to Egypt with children, you are welcome to send me an e-mail if you have any question. In 2003 I migrated from Ireland to Egypt. My passion is to provide my clients with the best possible experiences - and my employees are even better than I am! It is our goal to be the best - not the lowest - so please do not try to make comparisons with others what we are offering on the basis of the prices we will loose every time.

However, when we experience the best of Egypt, founded on translucency, sincerity and convenience, we are unbeatable.

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