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The best place to get baby clothes.

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Reduction of the SIDS ( "Sudden Child Death") Risks

It is not known why some infants unexpectedly and without obvious cause suffer a child hood decease (SIDS) or a crib deaths. Specialists know that falling asleep on a baby's back will reduce the risks, and if a baby is exposed to tobacco smoking or overheated, the risks increase.

It is also known that there is a connection between sleep with your baby on a bunk, couch, or stool (co-sleeping) and SIDS. As SIDS is uncommon, don't worry about your baby's first few month of life. For the first 6 month, place your baby on his back to get some rest in a baby crib in the same room as you.

Don't smok during your baby's gestation or breast-feeding and don't let anyone in the same room as your baby do. Don't leave a cot with your baby if you've been drunk, if you're taking illegal substances, or if you're a cigarette sniffer. Don't ever make love to your baby on a settee or chair. Do not let your baby get too warm or too cool.

Put your baby in the "feet to foot" positon, with your legs at the end of the bed or the end of the Muses cage. Put your baby on his back from the beginning to get some rest for both your morning and evening naps. As a result, the child bed mortality rate is reduced. It is not as sure for a baby to be sleeping on his side or belly as it is on his back.

As soon as your baby is old enough to turn around, you no longer have to bother whether he or she turns on his or her stomach or side while asleep. Your baby's best place to get some rest for the first 6 month is in a baby crib in the same room as you. It is especially important not to divide a single bed with your baby if you or your partner:

Your baby also has an elevated level of shared bedtime risk: In addition to a higher level of exposure to SIDS, there is also a higher chance that you will fall asleep and choke your baby. Your baby could get trapped between the walls and the cot, or could unroll from an adults cot and get hurt.

It is nice to have your baby cuddling or feeding with you, but napping your baby on a settee or chair is associated with a higher level of exposure to SIDS. It'?s best to put your baby back to bed before you go to bed. Infants subjected to pre and post natal exposure to tobacco smoking are at higher risks for SIDS.

Don't let anyone in your home smokes, not even people visiting. Tell anyone who needs to smoke to go outside. Don't take your baby to places that don't have air. When you are a cigarette user, splitting a daybed with your baby could add to the chance of crib deaths. Superheating can heighten the risks of SIDS. Baby may get overheated by too much linen or clothes, or because the room is too warm.

If you are checking your baby, make sure it is not too warm. Don't be worried if your palms or your legs are feeling cold - that's natural. Light, well-fitting baby sleepers are also a good option. When it is very cold, your baby may not need bed linen other than a blanket. Also in the winters, most infants who are uncomfortable or have fever do not need any additional clothing.

Never allow a baby to breathe with a hottie or heated towel, next to a heating element, heating or fire, or in the sun. Take off your hat and additional clothes as soon as you come into the house or get into a heated automobile, coach or tram, even if it means awakening your baby. Infants whose head is lined with bed linen are at greater risks of SIDS.

In order to avoid your baby wobbling under the cover, place it in the "feet on foot" notch. That means that her legs are at the end of the manger, the cot or the Moses cradle. Only use a baby bed that is solid, shallow, snug, neat, and watertight. Do not use blankets, bedspreads, quilts, baby blankets, chocks, bed rollers or cushions.

Breast-feeding your baby will reduce the chance of SIDS. It is possible to use a sleeping kitten at the beginning of your sleeping period, which also helps reduce the risks of SIDS. Allow your baby to hydrate and not become too overheated. When your baby is sleeping a long time, awaken him on a regular basis for a quick nightcap.

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