Best place to Shop for Babies

The best place to shop for babies

Pink Elisoa Top Kenzo Baby Girls. I' ve found that Asda and TU at sainsbury's are unsurpassed in choice, quality and value. As a Colorado hipster, it's high time you were ready for Wild West clothing for your offspring.

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Oh, okay, Hooper parties (hey, that's not a bad ideas for a one-ie embassy, either!), look at the huge selection of super-soft, super-luxurious (read: really expensive; but hey, baby's best ) Chenille covers (our favourite is Little Giraffe), or a kit of individual belch tissues in fashionable dark brown candy. We have been buying from ABC Baking for years and don't have to go for a stroll in this place and haven't granted our biggest wish - and we have some strange requests, among them the need for rose baking trays in different shapes, violet sugars and small little plastics ballserinas dancing on the tips of a cupcake.

But if you are a serious connoisseur, you are in good fortune - these people know what they are doing and will give you all the hardcore retail utilities, from biscuit tubs to pie pots in forms you could never have dreamt of. Instead, you can order small pouches of delicacies, like Arizona Great Fruits, Margaritas on the Rocks (flavoured like tequila, lemon and salt) and Hot chocolate (again, flavoured with New Mexico chili, hot chocolate und vanilla).

Every smart twist on old favourites, but not too disgustingly cute. At last a place where we can make our Schokoladen Free Flies go and nobody will give us a fun look. Owners are so thrilled that they are like gingerbreads. What about the almond paste stuffed with rums and seasoned dark roasted missions figs, plunged in cocoa and covered with mashedlmonds?

Bittersweet cocoa stuffed with butterscotch and scattered with rose marine malt? Would you like a black choclate goanache refined with pepper and vanilla flowers and pepper? With about 270 single chunks of more than a Dozen craft chocolatier's and the largest range of unusual bar chocolates we've ever seen, this candy-sized shop is just the place to escape your Hershey's shell.

Schokoholiker, note: The store has just relocated from Scottsdale to Phoenix, where it will reopen in early October. Mm-hmm. ( Schokolade, Pistazie or Erdbeere? Gourmets who appear all over the city and promise high-end gourmets, but really develop into high-end coffee shops. Still, you have to try, and that's how we felt about the Seven Sisters jogurt.

An old boyfriend whom we trusted to the ends of the world ( at least when it comes to eating and fashion) was telling us about this place that comes as close as possible to the Pinkberry yoghurt on this side of Santa Monica. Apparently iced yoghurt - this cute, supposedly low-fat/non-fat 80' basic dietary product - is lively and good and thrives in L.A., in the shape of a necklace that picks up a korean iced yoghurt make and lavishes it with cool fruits.

That'?s not your high school buddy hangin? off your mouth. It is spicy and cute, with the taste of really good natural yoghurt. and we' ll just happily end up dead. Now that we have found a place where the most conscientious biscuits in the whole wide variety are baked, we no longer apologise for our need to dine every single minute of the year.

Our Urban Biscuits philosophies ("Our biscuits are round, but our visions have four integrated corners") say it all about this exceptional cookie-specific pastry where the coolest and highest value ingredient is collected from selected suppliers who meet the Shaun and Brady Breese owner standard. Breeses, who relocated their store to the more slippery Seventh Street trenches early this year, use 100 per cent biological additives that are better for your good and for the world.

It' a mixture of Simple Urban, a subtile mix of boubon-vanilla and milk choclate, and Urban Trail, which blends fried groundnuts and crispy ricchips for a crunchy flavour like no other biscuit. Brownies suppliers come and go, but our favourite will always be the fairytale of a firm that David Kravetz and Eileen Spitalny, two friends from infancy, have come up with that has turned their mother's Brownies formula into a thriving busines.

It' got the fix on the candy. It' difficult to remain straightforward and tight on the diet when there is so much kindness you can enjoy in Sweet Pea Bakery. They know how to bake everything from the characteristic Rosemary shortcake to the lemon quark cake, and from the brownies cooked in lemon quark to the brownies served in chunky cookies and the chocolates brownies cupcakes with ganaches of fine dark candy.

Fortunately, we have recently launched a midday meal with wholesome seasonals ( no what they repair, the owner makes it fresher and more naturally ), so we won't be feeling so bad ly due to the floury filled cocoa pie for afters. It' s about the rougelach, the moon loaf, the pasty haman pockets with a thick, cute poppy seed stuffing.

It is even cosmopolitan - consecrated by an Arab - so you can be pampered without having to be Jew. We didn't see a baby choc the night we were there, but oy yeah, we're in Phoenix. Cathy's Rumkuchen's been around for 30 years. Gimme Cathy's pie anytime. Its glaze is beaten and cute, and you don't have to get a dash of rhum in the pie - although we strongly suggest it.

Let's just go grab some pie!

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