Big Toys for Babies

Large toys for babies

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The Toy Story 3 is one for big babies everywhere.

The deputy sport journalist, Tim Nichols, probably has no more weeping after England's World Cup appearance, so he stayed drier all the while. Soon things will start to get big in Andy's room. Andy' s mom lets him decide which toys to put in the loft, and it looks like Woody is the only one that survives.

However, a mix-up with the bag means that Andy's toy, after barely escaping the garbage van, ends up in the Sunnyside Nursery for Mad Children, i.e. only children, many of whom have a - let's say - more resilient and perhaps less sensitive approach to old toys, which is charitable.

Sunnyside turns out to have a system of governance operated by the toys, similar to the system currently operated in the South Central LA canopies. Sunnyside turns out to be run like a jail, and Andy's toy is caught with kids who are too young to like them. I' m not going to ruin it, but let's just say that the toys are geared for a fur-carrying quest to avoid their final demise, which could even mean the garbage tip and the burning furnace.

Andy' s toys have to stick together to get away from it. Could they help make Sunnyside a happier place for toys? Like the tearful stereotype says: When we are no longer kids, we put away childlike things. The Toy Story 3 takes up one of the most common sad moments of everyday life: we all end up being driven out of our childhood and losing it to the things that made us feel good in the past.

Now we can say that this is a gold age for children's films. It' s like the early seventies US movie theatres - Raging Bull, The Last Picture Show and Chinatown - except they' re motion graphics mainly made for kiddies. Last year was a wondrous year that, like the great mythical tales, opened up adventures and emotions in a way that made former Disney classic like Bambi and Dumbo seem almost flat and rigged.

During my performance the kids screamed with joy and the grown-ups cried softly. But even if it ruined your picture with your kids forever, it did, and you can have as much pleasure as the adventures burn and the weather sinks.

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