Birthday present for 1 year old Boy

A birthday present for 1 year old boys

Side 1 of 2. personalized baby gifts that are unique and beautiful. ENGLISH: Would you let your kid go to a birthday celebration without a gift?

Another missnet member, wearing the 90 sign login name, has triggered a discussion when he asked other families whether or not his two-year-old daugther should participate in his friends' birthday parties without a gift. "but I can't stop thinking I' m to blame. "Daddy (2) has a birthday celebration for one of her little boyfriends tonight and we are all good at RSSPD, but today we had to foot a huge bill for something that went on in our cottage.

"I can' t buy a gift for the birthday celebration in the morning, I have tickets, but there is no way I can buy a gift. "Anyway, my little sister is too young to know, but I am feeling too much guilt for not taking her, and then horribly impolite and too much guilt for taking her to the birthday boy and not bringing anything to the birthday boy.

" A few folks were arguing that she shouldn't alter her plan and still go to the birthday without a gift. "Another man said, "No, definitely don't alter your plan. "Someone else wrote: "I was in your place many years ago (If the other folks are like me, they're up to their arms in tattoos anyway and wouldn't want to get presents...").

I would say that I hurriedly went away from home and forgotten to put the gift in my pocket. "Other Mumsnet surfers agree she shouldn't go to the shindig empty-handed. In the first year there was a very good statement, the mother was really awkward and promising to get something next year.

" Someone else argued: "Actually, the birthday label is invitation = ticket and present. For a year we had a celebration in our home, a small celebration, just a few boyfriends, a mother showed up and let her down and ran away. "Someone else said, "I learned my lessons very quickly, my girl went to a birthday celebration, I got a little present equal to a five and a ticket, and the whole lot of the others were giving away all the top gifts equal to much more, I felt terrible, I can never tell you again!

" However, the Mumsnet minority proposed returning a present. I would definitely take something, even if it's a regulated thing. "Another man said, "I accept the proposal to return a copy of a novel or buy a few pounds of store labels. "Awww, at least your girl had a great ending to it!

Will you let your kid go to a birthday celebration without a present?

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