Bodysuit Dress Baby

Body Suit Dress Baby

The dress has a nice all-over print on the dress and a simple body. Body dress with short sleeves and round neckline. Babysuit is white with a pattern of small flowers and leaves. Might it be easier to dress and undress the baby? The Catimini Baby Girls dress with colourful fish print.

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Babysuit dress - HEMA

what available sizes do you want to order? what available sizes do you want to order? this article is no longer in stock, please verify the shop supply with the buttons'stock in shop' A bodysuit dress with long sleeve and round neckline. Baby's body is pure colour with a colourful design of small blossoms and moths.

There are small cracks in the body and small snaps on the bottom to make it easier to put on and take off. Orders placed before 21.00 are completed within 14-4 business day. We will send you a confirmation e-mail when your order is available for pick-up.

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Catsimini Baby Girl Fish Print Bodysuit Dress

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