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Safe Start Maternity Grant | nidirekt When you are on a low incomes and receive certain advantages or taxes credit, you can get a Sure Start Mutterschaftsgeld. It is a one-time, tax-free premium to cover the costs of motherhood and baby items. Normally, in order to be eligible for a Sure Start motherhood benefit, there must be no other kids in your household and you must receive one of the following benefits:

However, you may still be able to get a subsidy if both: Possibly you can get a scholarship if a relative of yours who is under 20 years old and for whom you are receiving a grant is it: Possibly you can also get a subsidy if you adopt or become a replacement mother company.

On the day you specify, the baby must be less than one year old. They must be in receipt of one of the above services and fulfil one of the following conditions: Sure Start maternity allowance is 500 and you do not have to repay it. You can only receive a scholarship if you already have a child under the age of 16 if you expect a baby to be born several times.

Please fill out the application SF100 (Sure Start) and send it to us. Doctors, midwives or visitors must endorse the declaration on the back of your application forms. Lisburn Jobs & Benefits can also provide you with an application sheet or you can pick it up at your local social security bureau.

If you are living in England, Scotland or Wales, there is a different format and mailing adress ( external links will open in a new browser window tabs). You will receive a mail informing you whether your entitlement was granted. When you receive a universal loan, you will receive a ruling on your entitlement only after your next installment.

Claims can be made from 11 days before the due date of the baby. At the latest, you can take three month after the birth of your baby. When you are in charge of a dependent adopted infant, you must make a request within three month of the child's placement. Important: The date on which the application forms were sent to an OHIM department is the date on which it can take the money into account - not the date on which you download the application forms.

If you are dissatisfied with your Sure Start maternity pay ruling, you can lodge an appeals against it. For more information about Sure Start maternity benefits, please contact Lisburn Jobs & Benefits Offic.

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