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Newborns and Feng Shui Having reviewed everything for my new niece, I thought it would be a good thing to post an essay for all of you who are new and expected adults hopefully making things a little simpler in the frantic schedules of getting ready for a new baby. Olivia is the first baby in the generation of my generation and I have never really estimated how much there is to schedule for a new individual to enter this universe, such as all class sizes, hospitals, scanning, shopping for clothing, baby carriages and hopefully good Feng Shui will help the baby get started.

Here is a part of the story I wrote that is consistent with our new Feng Shui reports on-line. Having looked at the review, you can see that her best sleep locations are oriented towards the South, South North, S. E. and S. E. and that she should not look towards the S. W., N. W., N. E. and W.

A further optional extra is our Academy of Feng Shui softwares, which superimpose the Flying Star map on your layout and give you tips on the different areas of your home, along with who they are best for. A tree school in the south-east, for example, is not a good concept as this area should be kept as peaceful and tranquil as possible as we present the yearly #2 Flying Star here; the same applies to the #2 Flying Star.

To the northeast - blues and blacks are good for this area in 2015. It'?s not the best room for a crèche this year. Eastern - Blues and greens are good in Eastern this year. This year, the western part is not a good area for a children's room or a crib.

Northeast - Shades of blacks and blues are good in this area for 2015. Middle - reds, oranges, roses, etc. Colours are good here in 2015, although this is not a good area for a child's room or outhouse. Newborns make a lot of ado when they cry, which is considered yesterday's work.

Everywhere in your house with the Flying Star #2, #3 and #5 permanent should be kept as much as possible silent and not create good rooms for kids and infants; unfortunately every house is different and I cannot give a direct response to where these star are in a house unless I attend the Academy of Feng Shui can do so.

Yearly Flying Star #2, #3 and #5 are also very important to stay calm. These are the locations of these star until 2020.

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