Boutique Baby Onesies

Baby Onesies Boutique

Favorite items for boutique baby clothes. : Birdie Boutique 1ère Bébé Garçons Premier Anniversaire Onesie Classy Outfit Set Fliege Shirt Schwarz Weiß : apparel Extremely flexible, even after the party. Make memorable moments with your little man's images in this cute anniversary dress; vibrant, vibrant play of colours! More than a hundred of them were selling with 5-star HAPPY MOMS and DADS client experience while at the same time helping a company in Michigan!

Created by two mothers who wanted a really sweet and affordably priced anniversary dress for their little guys, with a lot of back room and sophistication! Extremely multifunctional, can be carried with the supplied trousers or trousers for universal use. These onesies are available in 2 sizes:

Onsie Care: Rinse with water; tumble clean at low temperature; bring the application parts to their initial shallow positions with a soft electric irons. Handwash for longer application lifetime. Care of leg warmers: handwash warm; hanging to tumble dry. Because of our small handcraft, the colour, style and pattern of the material on the baby slippers can slightly change.

The Birdy Boutique is a small company belonging to two nuns who are spouses and mothers. She is a pensioned primary education educator, has two living infants and lives in Michigan. Founded within the last year, the two nurses are more than enthusiastic about offering delightful handcrafted products.

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