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It is only an online shop! Smooch, Little Lady, Giamo, Ceremony By Wojcik and Wojcik is the British agent and online shop for the children's brands. New and fast-growing online clothing boutique for babies and children.

This is a fast-growing, luxurious online shop that is dedicated to dressing baby's and kids up to the ages of 6 years.

This is a fast-growing, luxurious online shop that is dedicated to dressing baby's and kids up to the ages of 6 years. Our fan base and customers' satisfaction are rising all over the world and we are sure that you will enjoy our select and handpicked collection. For every mother, babyhood is such a unique period.

Wouldn't that be something really weird? I have been encouraged for the new seasons to add a little tweinning to the shop and more co-ordinated looks so that your moms have a bigger choice of clothes in the same fabric and colour. It' s easy to picture what they will look like, how neat they were clothed and that will make you laugh.

We' re very nervous as we expand our baby section to accommodate newborns in our online shop whose size will vary from zero to 6 month. This will be a very small and original section especially designed for expectant mothers, where they will find these exclusively designed clothes for the very first few week and month.

Only hand-picked apparel to guarantee classic design, craftsmanship and craftsmanship.


The Stalks Couture, a new boutique brand of luxurious baby clothes, opened on Saturday 28 February 2015 at the historical Red Lion Yard in the centre of Colchester. There is a large selection of high class baby articles from baby clothes to pushchairs, from diaper bag to handmade baby furnishings. Offering an attractive, well-stocked baby grocery and online shopping experience, the site houses baby mel, Coco Bow, Furnique, Nova Harley and Ruby Freddies.

Stalks Couture's top priorities are to provide its clients with outstanding services. Buyers who visit the 432 square metre boutique will not only be given a hearty welcome, but will also be provided with a personalised welcome aimed at ensuring that every client receives the product and outfit they need.

The Stalks Couture is a family-run company established by two-time mother Vicki Morris, who relocated from London to Colchester in 2011. As she settled in Colchester to bring up her first baby, she discovered a niche for a baby shop that could offer a wider variety of baby care items that families need for their infants without having to travel to another city or order online.

Morris, with a rich background in client services, opted to pursue her vision of creating her own company. It was Morris who selected Red Lion Yard as the first outlet, but he plans to expand and open another Chelmsford outlet once the franchise is in place.

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