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NZ manufactured products including New Zealand Baby Fern Infant's Beanie and many more with worldwide delivery at competitive prices. Today we love products that make parents' lives easier and babies happier, and Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit does both! Children's boutique, baby jumpsuit and clothes Fairtrade Pebble Oktopus Rhinel - Green This bold pebble optopus ratel is handcrafted from Fairtrade cottons. These Fairtrade toys are handcrafted in Bangladesh. Ostsee-Bernstein Amber Necklace - Amber Goose Polish Baby Baroque Baltic Sea Amber Necklace - Baltic Sea Baby Necklace in a deep brandy colour.

The Momma Goose Amber tooth chains are made of genuine Baltic amber, a synthetic material.

Perfect for remembering your baby's memorable landmarks, this is a great present for the baby party!

Many thanks to all our customers for all your nice feedback, we are proud to be able to provide you with outstanding support and consultation on the basis of our 20 years of expertise.

Many thanks to all our customers for all your nice feedback, we are proud to be able to provide you with outstanding support and consultation on the basis of our 20 years of expertise. Thank you all to Josephines, to Josephine, to all Josephines associates, for the fine garment you have made for my baptism.

and everyone was admiring my pretty outfit. Those gals look gorgeous, we're happy with them. In January 2005, when we bought an Isabell gown from you, you said you wanted a photo of her. It was confirmed on 21 May in Guernsey and it looks wonderful.

Josephine, Josephine, thank you for your kind attention and your kindness. Clothes for our maidservants are beautiful. Josie, thank you so much for your effort with us and Baby David. Thanks for making it possible for me to get the christening robe I wanted once again.

Josie, Keith and Steph, everyone at Josephines, many thanks for your help in baptising Liam's clothes. Josephines I would strongly suggest the company's managers and personnel are totally stunning, so courteous and helpful before and after purchase, simple payment and payment of articles every week so you can order in advance and cash it out when you need it :-)

I' ve been using Josephinen for almost 12 years from my elders to my youngest, even diadems for our principals for our particular anniversary. You also baptize objects. Well, I strongly suggest you take a look around. Very recommendable, I had all my kids baptism sets from here and they are nice, stunning looking fabric with great variety of styles and cost.

I bought everything for my little man at Josephines. I had a wonderful little pink pasture in my hand, the whitewashed cage is wonderful and I can't await seeing my stroller when it comes. I had my sons and daughters baptismal equipment from your store. Kind-hearted, kind, family-run company is always welcome. They were both gorgeous and I could have my daughter's made-to-measure clothes made by taking my favorite pieces from two of them and putting them in the magic dress I dreamt of.

I had my daughter's baptismal robe from here, brilliantly from beginning to end, because I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for in the store patterns. We' ve worked together to get the most gorgeous dress. Great little place. From here I also got the baptismal robe of my girls and cannot falsify it.

I' ve had a great deal of my baby stuff from here and it's rewarding, it has some nice things, can't hardly await shopping there again. Amazing store with articles you can't find anywhere else, nice looking products at very cheap price. It is run by a nice familiy that offers you a great, welcoming welcome.

I' d strongly suggest it. My sons and my girls had been baptized from here wearing clothes, a bright, inexpensive and kind pair, I always suggest. Very recommendable, used this shop with my first baby and was very satisfied with the product qualities, so many nice articles inclusive baptism costumes even bought my trip system which never let me down and as for the personnel they were courteous and supportive.

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