Boutique Style Baby Clothes

Baby Clothing Boutique Style

Boutique of French children's clothing brands. Enjoy some sea air in the French children's clothing boutique L'Île o'Lutins. Enter a real French children's clothing boutique with Valerie Gantois from Lîle O'Lutins in Ruffec.

In a busy little road in a lovely little city in the southwest of France lies Valerie Gantois, proprietor of the Lîle O' Lutins French Children's Clothing Boutique, far away from her ocean front origins. Here, in the small village of Ruffec, she has at last fulfilled her dreams of marketing her favorite clothes brand and clothes from her own little store.

Valerie Gantois; sparkling, welcoming, classy and a keen child wear specialist for the France group. She is a four child mom herself and knows only too well how hard it can be to find the right clothes for your kids when they all have different forms and heights. Within L'Île O'Lutins, Valerie has selected her favorite francophone labels with which she collaborates, among others, with Petit Bateau, Little Marcel, Weekend à la Mer and Les Petites Chooses.

Following a start-up course in Angoûleme, Valerie traveled to Paris for the Playtime exhibition, where she met some of her favorite fellow countrymen in France, from the smallest and most handcrafted to the biggest big names in the world. Valerie is very fond of the attraction of the ocean and the style of sailing, a style she of course adds to her small but perfect shaped store.

She has a good understanding of France and a motherly intuition that has allowed her to select the right fabric for her business. Among her most beloved articles are the classical Petit Bateau raincoats and boys' stripey Poloshirts as well as kids' clothes like handbags, caps and toothbrush.

This year Petit Bateau is celebrating 121 years and Valerie is proud to be selling her clothes as part of her own line. They feel particularly attached to this particular francophone mark, in part because of their own legacy, but also because it is such a legendary and popular francophone apparel mark that adults still want to wear it.

Classical Breton France tights, which we know and like, have become a worldwide trend, as have the miniature pinstriped t-shirts for which Petit Bateau is so well known. Combining convenience and convenience, this classical look embodies everything we like about the style.

At the moment Valerie only sell children's clothing, but is hoping to have more adults' clothing soon - great message for Petit Bateau Milleraie T-shirt enthusiasts! She specializes in children's birthdays and neonatal presents as well as daily booklets. It is a true francophone custom to buy baby presents, especially when it comes to clothing, and LÎle O'Lutins has become a true target for local population.

Prince George is even a big fan of a naughty little trendy strip! And, of course, no business for kids in France would be incomplete without Sophie La Girafe! There is something very infectious about Valerie's passion for the ocean that goes beyond the mere adoration of an intelligent streak. They sell from the bottom of their hearts and that makes buying in their boutique a real pleasure.

She loves small companies and offers a personal touch, but is also enthusiastic about opening her children clothes shop in France with the help of the Chamber of Commerce. A visit to this pretty little boutique in France, which sets sails on Valerie's immortal surge of passion for everything maritime, is both fresh andlifting.

When you have a shot at her little store, don't hesitate - if you like strips, you'll adore them! Are you nautically fond of all things?

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