Boy Clothing Brand

Boys clothing brand

Create the foundation for a great leisure wardrobe with our unbeatable collection of Boy London T-shirts and caps. LONDON BOY Long brand wool scarf. London Boy brand refuses Nazi logos concerns A global clothing brand has rejected the concern about the eye-catching similarity between its own emblem and the Nazi icon. Boy London, a British brand known for Cara Delevingne, Rihanna and Jessie J. among others, refuses to allow a settlement between its brand name, a spread-wing launcher standing on a stage and the Third Reich's party leader icon.

UK Jew buyers said they were "shocked" and "offended" to find celebrity shops selling the brand. However, a Boy London agent selling throughout the United Kingdom dismissed the concern. "In no way is the trademark associated with National Socialism or with the notion that someone is subject to discrimination because of his or her faith, skin color or religion.

" Explaining that the emblem was "inspired by the Roman Empire Adler as a symbol of decades and power. Fenwick's Fenwick manager at the Brent Cross Shopping Centre in northwest London pulled the brand back from its location at the front of the business. "The Boy London line is no longer in production as we are investigating the issue directly with the brand.

" Design retail chain operator Choice, who owns Laurence Davis, a Jew merchant with eight offices in the southern part of England, said he would take the brand off the door of his Brent Cross shop. We have now been made aware of this and, given the increased sensibility of Brent Cross, we would diminish its visibility and continue to resell it in the shop.

" Grandma Sharon Lee, a Brent Cross customer, had been complaining to Fenwick about the Boy London screen. "I' m the kid of a Holocaust survivor and I saw my father's paper signed with the Nazi-Adler - so I know what it is. "When I saw it in Fenwick, I was so horrified.

"We finally have a brand that doesn't want to be associated with Nazis emblems. "It is similar to the Nazis hawk - with its talons that hold a circular cross with a hook cross, the hook cross is taken off. "It' s simple to see why insults are made against human beings by such a logotype, especially when it is used profitably for youngsters who probably do not know its response.

" In the meantime, an official appeal by more than 250 signatories has urged the ASOS on-line retailer to stop the sale of Boy London articles. Boy London, a punk-inspired brand, was launched in the 1970' by Israeli business man John Krivine in his Boy Shop in King's Road, West London. Krivine, who divested the business in 1984:

"Roman Legion, Indians, Continental Congress, Third Reich - it looks cool."

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