Boys and Girls Clothes

Boys' and girls' clothing

Lewis John eliminates boys' and girls' tags in children's clothes. As well as removing "Girls" and "Boys" tags from clothes, the retail chains also removed the individual areas in the shops. Uniforms are the only kind of clothes that have not yet been change, but this will happen soon. Dress styles haven't really improved - you can still find flowery clothes and blouses here, but the retail shop proves that they can be used by both girls and boys.

They have also introduced a new kids collection of dinosaurs clothes and space ship toppers. There are still chapters for boys and girls on the John Lewis website, but this is currently being reviewed and probably aligned with the shops. In the past, many other retail traders were slandered for their sexuality.

Gap, for example, came into focus because in an advertisement for her new line of clothes she described girls as "social butterflies" and boys as "little scholars". However, not everyone agrees with the concept of gender-neutral clothes for them. "I have no clue what John Lewis would own to do this.

Fashion tags and signage for boys and girls are for information only. However, many see the move as a big leap in the right direction, because girls can actually like a dinosaur and boys can also like a flower.

Lewis John is removing "boys" and "girls" tags from children's clothes.

With its children's clothes, which now carry plain vinyl tags on all garments from 0-14 years, the supermarket said it did not want to "reinforce" sex stereotypes. However, it did not want to "reinforce" them. Schools are still classified in sex groups, but will probably soon be converted to plain clothes. And Caroline Bettis, John Lewis' children's apparel director:

There are still many stores, for example with stereotyped taglines on their clothes," she added. Recently, other retail outlets have been criticized for the sale of clothes that claim to amplify harmful sex stereotypes among infants.

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