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What about funny building blocks, rousing animals or magnetic toys? Find out more about our selection of BRIO wooden toys. All our range of brilliant Brio toys, including wooden hoists, garden tools and everything in between.

period 12 month

After 12 month the motory abilities of your infant develop quickly; it takes up gladly with small toys and plays with them. There are toys that kids from 12 month of age like. What about funny bricks, driving toys or magnet toys? It'?s a simple.... One of our classics made of wood..... Drag it to the noise with it.....

Press.... Bring this classical pulled along fishy for a leisurely stroll and observe the..... That little wood ladybug will be your best boyfriend and he' ll come after you..... Since 1958 a classical one. Today, the classical stomping block is just as loved as when it was..... Hit the mini caterpillar! Hit the mini ant!

Hit the mini bumblebees! When you insert the fully formed wood barrel into one of the.... The little kind-hearted woodchuck is simple and enjoyable to slide backwards and..... Her first own wood pony, to be loved and played with.

Zero month

Boys adore strong colors, funny tones and contrast. This 0-month toy is designed to be stimulating, amusing or relaxing. Be it a colorful duvet, a ringing ring or an amusing bite ring - our toys are suited for every level of your baby's growth. Shaken and dice the rattles.

Playground operator BRIO launches the new Smart Tech line of children's toys.

Insider Picks is writing about things we think you'll like." This new BRIO Smart Tech toy teaches the fundamentals of coding in a practical way that young kids can comprehend. Smart Tech engines, train yards, tunnel and other equipment are fully BRIO toy compliant and have been around for many years.

BRIO was taken over by the Ravensburger AG, a toy manufacturer from Germany, in 2015, a step that significantly extended the company's range and capabilities and set the course for the creation of this new toy. A man by the name of Ivar Bengtsson from the Swedish city of Osby made a small toy in 1884, which turned out to be the first in a long, long line.

In the early 1900s BRIO was renamed (BRIO is the abbreviation for BRothers Ivarsson from Osby) and the business expanded gradually over the next 50 years. However, with the first BRIO trains released in the mid-20th centuries, the way was clear for BRIO to become a legendary worldwide toy manufacturer known to billions of people around the world.

The BRIO moves are an almost ideal children's plaything for two things that may seem incompatible at first: ease and scale. Some of the most intricate BRIO pull toys have always been relatively simple in themselves, with a few highlights and noises or mechanic action from occasion to occasion, but generally they rely on the kid to deliver all the sound and kinematic inputs.

Three years after the acquisition of the business by world-renowned toy manufacturer Ravensburger and after an intense phase of developing products, BRIO now offers its all-new Smart Tech toy, a range of chip-enabled moves and toys that will change the way children interact with the classical move kit. Ben, my boy, was fortunate enough to be one of the first children ever to be able to enjoy the latest products from this old family.

Here is an example of why my spouse (and I and so many other parents) like BRIO railway toys so much. When we opened our first BRIO World Smart Tech kit, which contained a platoon, some rails and a few arches that we would soon be learning would contain crisps and monitor the small locomotive's action, I went up to get a couple of AAatts.

Not a big suprise, because he has been able to perform on his own with his own train for more than a year now, although the rail designs have certainly become more complicated lately. What's nice about BRIO World Tech smarts is that they're not too intelligent compared to what most humans think when they listen to "intelligent toys".

There is no need for an application; no need for a smart phone or tray to synchronize with the gaming device. In the BRIO universe, everything is self-contained, with the new Smart Tech items connecting smoothly to railroad lines, bridge, tunnel and station that you might have used as a child, or that your parent or even grandparent could have been playing with.

Several of the individuals involved in the development of this new line of trains toys, including Daniel Mauritzson, a Swedish Senior Products Engineer for the Smart Tech Software Solutions Division, gave me the chance to talk to them. The BRIO toys promote open game.

" That' s something I saw in operation when my boy was enjoying his moves innumerable different ways without two gaming moments ever looking the same. Clement Maier, today's Ravensburg boss and great-grandson of the firm's founding father, not only drove forward the Smart Tech toy but also the whole BRIO takeover.

Mayer joined Kaeppeler's feelings perfect, although he reacted at a different point and told me that "simplicity is at the heart of BRIO. It is about "undisturbed, open play" and the explanation that they "only innovate or innovate using technologies that support open playing, not interfere". "This commitment to child-friendly gaming also explains the "global attractiveness of this far-reaching company".....

" Since 1958, children have enjoyed the BRIO-train. A lot of toys remain pertinent for a few years (and some only for a few month or even weeks), while these moves continue to provide hour-long enjoyment, with the type of game becoming increasingly important as Ben's ability to plan, build and tell stories increases with increasing years.

The Smart Tech train expansion gives him and other children around the globe even more opportunities to explore their BRIO lines, train yards, bridge and all the other great things they have. Smart Tech has not replaced any of the older devices, but rather improved the possibilities with which it can be used.

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