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Construction toys are a hit for all age groups and sexes. One can see a builder a mile away - and that has nothing to do with how they drink their tea. Top 10 Building and Building Toys 2017 Bauspielzeug is a blockbuster for all age groups and sexes. Ranging from basic, child-friendly pads and rods that (magnetically) click or glue together to more complex textures that take a lot of patience, and older, more agile hands to construct, bit by bit. One way or another, a good design plaything will develop your engine power, fantasy and logic - and always reward you with the look of something fun you've made all by yourself.

Here is our selection of the best building toys, as they have been tried by kids..... One large (76 cm) 429-piece bar-connector roller coaster kit with bright, black trail and a small, air-powered vehicle (with built-in flash drive connection). It' s a great construct - and what a great outcome when you're done! Our children's tester was enthused by the roller coaster itself as well as by the small vehicle, which really races around the course.

How our children's tester made it: An 85 Stickle Bricks start kit in various forms and colors, all included in a covered case. It is one of those classical toys that every kid should own (many of us when we were little, weren't we?).

They are colorful and haptic, and are suitable for imaginative building: you can try to rebuild your own building on the boxes or just make your own. This is a great first building plaything for small children. How our children's tester made it: 23-piece kit for building a 3-wagon engine.

Arrives with 2 numbers of passengers, a trolley and tiles with numbers from 0 to 9. Honey and easy body with a nice, clunky Duplo. Renumbered tiles are a great way to add or enhance your child's building count ability - and the cold, colorful pull is great when you end up pushing it around.

How our children's tester made it: 162-piece compass saw with synthetic parts that join together (no adhesive required) to produce a 3-D RV mock-up, including a surfboard that fits on the rooftop carrier. It can be mounted with the eyes or with the help of numbers on the back of the parts.

It' s such a fashionable, stylish variant of the off-the-shelf 3-D jigsaw style, and the leading numbers are a good idea to avoid disappointment if your kid gets caught in the middle of the construction. She was so proud of her handicraft that she was exhibited in the families lounge! How our children's tester made it:

It is a very simple to construct grocery trolley that comes with grocery stones, boxes for packing and unpacking and 3 small figurines. It is a beautiful gender-neutral kit that won the gold medal at our Toy Awards 2016 and will trigger many role-playing games: Our children's tester were all inspire to become store owners and offer supply chain service.

Multicolored feed blocks can also be used for match and memorization activities - and there's a sweet little kitten who definitely has the bluish stone in her eye..... Either one of the 16 cars proposed on the enclosed idea maps, or one of your own invention.

What we liked was the large magnet parts and the extremely light assembly: It's a great kit that won silver at our Toy Awards 2016. The children tester particularly liked the way the mobile parts rotated so that the completed cars could really be "driven".

Supplied with operating instructions (4-6 hours building time) including 2 alternate design possibilities. It' a real "project" building that takes a lot of endurance and endurance, but the end result is really exciting: All our kids tester liked to play with the robotarms they made.

3-D-version of the Tower Bridge London from 120 parts with the dimensions 23cm x 30cm x 30cm x 38cm. It is a kit built on the strength of a magnet that can be used to create endless 3D molds. Classical kit contains 127 pieces: sixty six balls of stainless stell, sixty colored bars, four quadratic plattforms and two five-sided plattforms.

The children's tester were enthusiastic about the magnet - and pulled it apart and pulled it together again. Granted, the prize is quite winking, but this kits is an investing plaything that will develop with your newborn. You can also use 7 magnet rods and 3 spheres to connect the parts.

Magnetic toys turned out to be a true attraction (see what we did there?) for our toddler tester, who also tried to hang the lion's tail on an elephant's ass and make amusing pulls. Parts are daring, clumsy and the platoon itself is a lot of pleasure once it is built.

We' ve got some more award-winning toys here.....

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