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There are six items that you should stop immediately with the purchase in the mall.

Super market is the perfect place to buy all your home appliances in one shop. Do not fall into the category of "impulse buying" and pick up battery packs - which are often placed right next to the cash register. If you put them in your cart while you shop, you can get around 30% more for cosmetics and babycare.

Smaller gripper pouches are great for just a small individual serving, but purchasing the bigger package and splitting it into smaller servings will save YOU Money. When you feel like seasoning your meals, try avoiding the small glasses in the mall. Dark slices are usually strongly labelled and seldom sold.

Visit your nearest food retailer, where there is often a much larger choice of overseas produce, where condiments are stored in larger sacks at lower cost.

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In recent years, buyers have searched grocery store racks on a regular basis, returning the higher value dairy to China to satisfy consumer demands. Said the client said the spectacle of professionals buyers known as "daigous" check out from the super market with large quantities of the mega formula was not uncommon.

Tons of "white gold" - from the top brand Aptamil and B2 - were among the hundred palettes that Daily Mail Australia found in a storage facility in Sydney in early December. This is where tens of millions of cans are packed and sent to China for indirect shipment and local distribution, although local retailers impose restrictions on how many Australian consumers can buy off their shelf.

The company behind the store, TopWare, said it didn't sells baby food "directly overseas" and that it was "just a middleman" and didn't ask clients where their produce was going. However, a former workers man in the plant alleged that enormous consignments are sent "daily" to China. Watching their operations, they saw tens of cars coming into the camp to be laden with baby food.

The shops then sells the produce to local tourist who take it home with them. While the purchase and shipping of baby food abroad is legitimate, it has indignantly caused many Australia parent's outrage at their now restricted entry to the once free marketplace. China's interest is so great that Aptamil has boosted its formulation output by 50 percent in the last three month.

Early this year, Woolworths heralded that it would send its private label to China to satisfy the nation's never-ending hunger.

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