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Super markets decided to restrict the sale of baby formula in order to stop mass purchases to nourish the Chinese population.

The Hong Kong government has prohibited travelers from travelling with more than 1.8 kg of formulas and detained 10 persons last month for " contraband " that exceeded their allocated amount. However, Nestle said it had not asked retail traders to restrict the offer because it had no proof of a bulk sale of its SMA products for sale for export.

Morrisons spokesperson said none of his branches had expired and that the restriction would not apply to many consumers who would normally only buy one package at a stretch.

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What makes you think greatness doesn't play a role? As the package grows, the saving increases, so replenish your bulk clean stocks to get the best value for your favorite.... What makes you think greatness doesn't play a role? As the package grows, the saving increases, so replenish your bulk clean stocks to get the best value for your favorite....

Mass export of formulas to China and the EU Export Directive

The Commission's intention to abolish an export guideline is one of our main objectives, according to which the phrase must be in the appropriate languages for the countries in which it is used. Our support for this policy was based on the need for parenting to be able to read the warning notices and directions on the label. The purpose is both to safeguard breast-feeding and to guarantee that those who use a formulation can do so securely.

Mr President, I was amazed that Danone's agent, Louis Vareille, did not vote in favour of the EU directives because Danone says that informal exporting interrupts its supplies to Europe. Further research with peers from the International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN) has shown that Nutrilon from the Netherlands is sold in large quantities on business-to-business sites in China, such as Alibaba.com.

Headquartered in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China. Others show the Danone (Nutricia) large package formulation. Therefore, all European Union imports will have infringed the EU directive. Directive 92/52/EEC of 18 June 1992 on infant formula and follow-on formulae for infants and young children exported to third countries:

The Member States shall take the necessary measures to enable the export ation from the Community of the goods listed in paragraph 1 to take place only if they conform to this Directive..... Those produce shall be marked in a suitable jargon and in such a way as to prevent any danger of mix-ups between baby food and follow-on formula.

That is the directive that the Commission wishes to abolish. I think Danone's pleased the directive's gonna come down. He does not seem too worried that his formulation will be widely distributed. Indications are that individual persons are reselling individual items of the formulation in China - but again with genuine Netherlands marking, which makes this practise at least during the application of the Export Directive unlawful.

Single purchases, however, are likely to have less influence than mass export. Indeed, many businesses are encouraging people to buy their goods in order to take them abroad (the entire duty-free market approach is centred on this premise), so it would be a surprise that businesses like Danone should not be able to meet people' demands (Nestlé says they have no problem with their deliveries).

Furthermore, the limitations Danone has implemented to limit single purchase are presented by professionals as an efficient way to market in order to boost rather than decrease revenue. Danone also exported formulas from the European Union itself. The plant in Ireland allegedly supplies 180 different states. These are the words Danone must answer:

Danone supplies baby food and other baby dairy products directly to China imports with label in Netherlands and/or other EU-language? What can be done by Bulk Volume Buyers (e.g. 600 pcs. order minimum) of baby food and other Danone baby dairy in bulk quantities in the Netherlands? Danone is taking measures to make sure that those who buy its formulation in large quantities do not export it in contravention of the EU Export Directive.

Danone seems to be satisfied with repealing the export directive when an improperly marked phrase constitutes a risk to infants in a country such as China because it is not available in the right languages. How many percent of Danone's baby milkpowder manufactured in Europe is directly or indirectely imported into the European Union?

Please allow the Commission to review its position on the annulment of the export directive. Whilst the Danone formulation can be bought in large quantities in China, Danone limits deliveries to Europe.

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