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Buying children's accessories - Quiksilver Baby Boy 3-18 month long


The Quiksilver has astonishing possibilities for every age. Looking for the best accessories for your baby? With our range of baby accessories we have everything you need. For us, the most important thing is to supply baby accessories that give the little ones a good feeling and at the same time never lose their sense of touch. There is no better choice for wise parent who wants to ensure only the best possible child care experience than our line of baby accessories, and we can ensure that you will be happy with every single one!

From the first minute, make the wise choices and select baby accessories only from Quiksilver. As we know, one of the fights of a parent is to find the right amount of space to search for baby accessories, so we have made the move to make it as simple as possible by giving you the opportunity to buy now.

In the last five years, baby home care has almost doubled worldwide.

In the Asia-Pacific region, half (50%) of worldwide new baby line introductions took place in 2012, with Europe taking second place (19%). On a country by country basis, China leads with 24% of new baby home introductions worldwide in 2012, followed by Thailand (10%), the USA (7%), Brazil (6%) and South Africa (5%).

It is interesting to note that four out of ten (39%) of baby food purchasers in the US often use baby lotions or powder on their own bodies, while more than four out of ten (46%) of Chinese and British (42%) users say they use baby toilets for themselves and for their baby or newborn.

When it comes to food security, there is a great deal of interest among families in purely organic substances and formulations that do not contain harmful chemical substances for their kids. In fact, three out of ten (30%) British adults look for free of needless chemical substances when buying for their baby, while half (51%) of US users are often concerned about the security of the contents of the baby food they buy.

China's three fourths (75%) of Chinese households look for brands or information from web sites or health workers before purchasing baby skin-care products, and more than half (56%) favour overseas baby skin creams because they consider them safe than local one. In addition, it seems that adults believe that nature is best for their children: more than half (53%) of US adults would buy baby food made from naturally derived substances, while a third (33%) of Britons believe that food containing either organics or naturally derived substances is safe for their baby or newborn.

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