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mypure natural baby care and organic baby care products. Identify which baby skin care products are best and which you should avoid. Baby care products, biological and ecological So many baby care products on the shelves today, if you've just become a new parentage, you can embarrass yourself with what to select and use. Everyone who is born will recall the sugary, intoxicating scent of the first few days and recall that he never wanted to loose it.

Being a life-long enthusiast of all things luxury and scented, I smear myself with the latest fragrances and don't care if I'm allergic or not ( usually I'm not ) but just that I smelly stunning and have great skins. But when it comes to my baby, my clean, harmless toddler with tender skins and no parabenes, I want the best.

The best way to do that is naturally. After growing up in a home where unwanted chemical products - all of them perfumed and soap - were taboo, I have a slightly prejudiced opinion of products that purport to be free of unwanted chemical products. Namely that they can never odour well and that the only way to get really neat is to pour hard substance over yourself.

My baby - Clementine - came home from the infirmary with a dandruff on her scalp after birth. Like I said, we put them in extra virgin olive oi, like a hen's bone, but (and we're back to my bias here) I didn't want a baby that smells like extra virgin oi, I wanted a baby that smells like nice things, like fruit and like bath time!

Originally I was afraid of using anything on her for a couple of week, but I was convinced of Weleda's factual wrapping, but sceptical about the possible results. The entire Baby Range, however, blends tasty flavours with a high biological complacency level. The marigold cream bath (200ml, 9.95) was used which promised to help with the weighing cup, followed by rubbing with the marigold baby oil (200ml, 9.95).

I will never know whether it was just a matter of your own personal taste or the products, but at least it didn't odour like a lettuce. This assortment blends a great, easy (and by that I mean unbabylike) package with a rich fragrance and long-lasting finish. I' m now using Calendula Windel Change cream (75ml, 6.95) as my handstick and the baby oil had to be thinly distributed for the grown-ups in the cottage.

Fortunately for Clementine, we had some original hair and body wash (354ml, £15.95) to try out. Odour (again a top priority for me) is godly and can be used as "adult" sap. Foam is a little intensive for a neonate and I would rather have something a little thin - neonates are not built for heavy friction.

However, the package still looks solid and, unlike some "natural" products, doesn't look out of place alongside Mama's overpriced and artificially chemically stuffed hair care products. Also the Mini-U cheek to cheek face and body cream (250ml, £4.99). It is really beautiful for the adults skins and has a pleasant smell with it.

However, the odour (it has an aroma based on palm kernel based chocolate nuts ) is quite pronounced and not even mild, so if you don't like palm kernels or have the feeling that you don't want your baby not to odour like a baby, it's not good. Wish I could be a little bit kinder about the Urtekram No Perfume Baby All Over Wash (250ml).

When I sniffed the flacon, I felt I didn't want to use it - admittedly, it didn't odour unnaturally, but it didn't odour well either. Unfortunately, we changed from inexpensive, plain cloths that stink good and do the work, to H20 cloths that don't stink and look good, no use.

to the Konjac Natural Baby Sponge (£8.99). Since I was already on sale with the Weleda Calendula Windel Change Cream, I don't need any more diaper soap. However we have given the B Organics Soothing Body Balsam (60ml, 14) a try as a diaper soap. It' s good for delicate skins and dermatitis, and it has a wonderful scent (lavender and chamomile), but it's a little tough work (compared to a cream) and the last thing you want to do is to pull on the baby it' s own skins.

You can find more information about baby and toddler care products in our special baby products guide. Most of the producers in our nature and bio lists also sell baby assortments.

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