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Baby clothing online

Baby clothes for newborns Our baby clothing range is full of baby products and enchanting accessoires, from pajamas and smartcardigans to mini-pants. Our new baby clothes are all conceived to keep your little ones secure and comfortable (and of course enchanting) from the very first days in the whole wide range to the 18-month age. When you' re looking for baby clothes for a little baby, select from a range of versatile baby clothes for busy play dates and airy separate items to help keep them cold on hot summer nights. Looking for baby clothes for your baby lass? And if so, we have a whole range of sweet neonatal units in our range, complete with comfortable all-in-one clothing, mix-and-match separate and practical extra features such as gloves and caps.

When your little one gets here a little earlier, our early -bird clothing will be created according to your needs. In collaboration with baby care professionals, we have developed small baby clothes that are extremely comfortable for your baby and can be easily put on and taken off. When looking for clothes for newborns online, it is always a good thing to have a check list at your fingertips.

For a clear understanding of what your baby needs, see our guidelines on key neonatal essential nutrients. Especially the discovery of these Miniatur costumes and the cosy small clothes will make you smile.

Baby clothes | Designer clothes for youngsters in Spain

The Coqueta, a major label and shop of designers and designers for infants and youngsters from 0 month to 10 years old, was established in 2013 with the goal of promoting and supporting Spain's designs and crafts. Each item in the range is "Proudly made in Spain", from the fabric selection to the designs and finishing of each item, from girls' clothes to boy's clothes.

The origins of each piece of apparel go back to a small Spaniard company and the techniques and techniques used have been used for hundreds of years. The clothes and footwear of our Spaniards are wonderfully crafted, functionally and hard-wearing. Celia Munoz, founder and creative director, is a five-year-old woman who knows how important it is to find easy-care clothes that work, can be given to the next baby and still look good.

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