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Well, I got my baby on the net. Being too old for IVF here, Linda - like so many other hopeless mothers - turned to a hospital in Eastern Europe." How secure is this cheap baby deal? It was the same for Linda Barnett when she was looking for an IVF hospital. "Egg dispensers in the Czech Republic are young - mostly student in the 1920s.

Of course I wanted a baby that was as similar as I could look, so I reduced it to two little daughters with black fur and black eye. "Nigel, you vote. Their IVF therapy worked, and she and Nigel, 38, who have been six years of marriage, are just awaiting the first scans to tell them if they are pregnant or not.

There is unparalleled female infertility treatment in the UK as pregnancy is abandoned later and later (one in 90 UK infants is now conceived by IVF in older mothers). It has never been so easy to "buy" a baby online. Linda and Nigel were perhaps destroyed a generation ago by the realization that they would not be together as a parent, but they had little choice but to acknowledge the fact.

The UK has a chronically low supply of eggs and semen as a result of legislative changes that allow every donor to find their parent at the young ages of 18. The number of benefactors has decreased since then.

In 1992, one hospital had 27 willing semen donors, but in 2000 only one. In the past year, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) announced more than 6,000 treatments for females between the ages of 40 and 45 with oocytes of their own. "The IVF care in Norway - no waitlists," says one.

"Spanish Fertilizer Hospital - 1,248 gestations last year," another one. "You said, "It's like you' re shopping for a baby. and the baby will be sane? I' m sure all the contributors are well. "As we arrived at the hospital in the Czech city of Brno, we were informed that they were young women, mostly college boys, who do not have their own reproductive health problem.

which is so different than it is in Britain." You may have actually received wholesome egg from good faith givers, but how can you be sure? This is the predicament that worries international fertilizer specialists. Endangered females are already being e150 (£100) donated to the charity.

And then their balls are bought by UK girls for over 1,000 pounds each. It is particularly unpleasant that many of these young benefactors are not informed about the risks of their actions. "We' ve seen some hospitals that provide treatments that are so hazardous that they are forbidden in the UK, such as the implantation of five embryos," says Dame Suzi.

Please consider this twice before you undergo medical care abroad. When she and Nigel got wed in 2001, Linda knew that she had to go for infertility treatments to have a baby. Though Linda had become pregnant at the end of 20 of course, she had miscarried.

When she began seriously looking for a baby, she was over 35 years old. When she got together with Nigel, it was way too late. Mmm. There was a Fertility Hospital here that prescribes the Clomid fertilizer, but it doesn't work. After they had previously chosen their giver - as if they would choose a new pup - nine egg donors waited for them when they reached the hospital.

to be fertilized with Nigels semen. says Linda: Nearly as soon as she returned to the UK, Linda took a gestation test even though she had been asked to stay for two weeks. "But I can't - I've said it to everyone - I can't - I can't.

Nobody would envy Nigel and Linda their longed-for fortune, but there will be serious problems they will have to face in the years to come. "Linda concedes that the good thing about a foreign contributor is that he is much more anonymous. Really? "It might be in many ways simpler to make her believe that I am the physical parent, especially since we chose a giver who looks like me," says Linda.

After all, "buying" such a baby is now an optional extra for anyone with web connectivity - and the readiness to go to the ends of the earth to fulfil that vision.

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