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Explore our range of baby articles from diapers, scarves, prams, cribs and baby bedding. Twelve ridiculously strange baby items to buy. You can find a wealth of odd and beautiful baby presents on the web that you will definitely not find in mother care. Below are some really odd products that you can buy (but probably won't buy) for newborns. They can really buy high heels a baby.

I' m tired of your new baby smellin' like, well, a baby?

And for your little frost fans, how about a Queen Elsa natal puppet that actually gives life to a baby! With only £128 you can make sure your baby gets his or her groove from the first dais. Designers' ill cases - because which baby doesn't want to look good while vomiting?

So if you have a replacement 13,995, why don't you handle your little one with a four-poster tingle? Which baby doesn't need a fragrant, biologically degradable rubber boots? That may not be as strange as the baby high hats or flip-flops, but it did make the roster because of the ludicrous prize!

Your baby good enough to feed? Is there a better way to cuddle your baby in your bedroom than wrapping him in a tortilla? Turn your baby into laughter before it is old enough to comprehend why using this one-of-a-kind moustache. You ever look at your baby and think, "Oh, how would you like to be a sweet little mermaid?"

The Mermaid Twinset is the ideal present for your baby, because what baby doesn't like to stay asleep in a crochet top?

Best Nordic baby brand in Nordic styles

I want to say that I am a minimumist or someone who makes all his own dresses, but to be honest, I am an idiot for purchasing great designs. The thing they have in common is their Nordic styling, a designer aesthetics that I have learned to appreciate during my journeys in the area. I think it's unsurpassed when it comes to classy and practical yet comfortable designs.

Many of these stamps can be seen in my kindergarten review theme and in my classy baby present book. At MORI we sell the softer baby clothing I have ever seen, made from bio wool and natural babywood. Wish they'd been selling grown-ups' clothing too! You use a smooth color scheme and easy styles, among them a number of pyjamas and diaper cases that are very recommendable.

Cam Cam Copenhagen, the Denmark based Cam Cam Copenhagen label, is a great example of Scandi's wonderful designs, which create classic items in subdued dark shades. I' m a big fan of their quilts and bed linen, and I also have two of their cell phones (this ballon and this peacock) that look nice in the kids room. Sara Giese Camre and Robert Warren Paulsen are the architects who run the business, which illustrates the company's love of detail.

My favorite Aden + Anais label for nice printed material they use on their characteristic chiffon cloth for apparel, diapers, covers, and more. I fell in love now with the metal golden decoration line and am a big supporter of this great printed calf in which Otis looks really sweet! Even the dress is nice, like this nice pyjamas with star patterns.

For the first time, Finn + Emma struck me when I saw her lovely wood teeth rings. All they produce uses virgin products, as well as organically grown wool and environmentally sound dyestuffs, and they also follow good trading practice. It' s a wonderful piece with bizarre print and adorable pet designs. I' ve got one of the wood rattles, as well as some dresses and baby carriage toy.

In order to buy Finn + Emma products in the UK, please go to the Natural Baby Shower, which offers a wide range of products. One is a nightstand manger that is attached to the cot and opens on one side so that you can be especially near the baby without having him in your cot.

The SnüzKot is the most classy bed I've ever seen, and it can be prolonged to the age of ten. The Snuz belongs to the same firm as Little Green Sheep, which also produces beautiful products. Both Snuz and Little Green Sheep products can be purchased in the Baby Shower.

Sleepyhead is the item most folks have been recommending to me, saying it makes a cozy little place where baby sleeps, and so far it has been a gift from heaven for us with Otis - it's the only place (apart from us) where he loves to stay. There is a whole bunch of style cover art to pick from, plus some nice bows for toys.

Studio Romeo, the France based Studio Romeo label, offers a fantastic selection of environmentally safe swaths, baby slings, covers and sacks. Mama Jeanne Dieuzaide couldn't find a baby sling she liked, so she chose to create her own plain designs. My favorite Nuna is known for the designs of prams and baby chairs.

Deluxe designs are clear and straightforward, with a touch of luxuriousness, such as a satin golden metal finish border and two-tone weft. I' ve also got my eyes on the Leaf Curv bouncer. The sweetest thing we have for the baby is this little Albetta slot game.

But Albetta also makes some really sweet hand crafted games that like this little monocorn and snap horn as well as a whole bunch of furniture and clothes. Löwenrassel is Otis's first favorite game! OYOY, another Denmark based OYOY label, offers a classy selection of funny, bizarre baby products with a unique Nordic look and an added Jap touch.

You also make a whole series of household goods that are just as beautiful. The last Nordic enterprise - this one is the Stokke Nordic label, known for its durable products that adjust to the child's growth. Her best-known model is the Stokke Trapp Trepp Trapp Stool, which can be used from neonate to adulthood.

It is an iconical style that does not seem out of place in the most classy canteens. I have received talented products from some of these labels, but as always my opinion is real.

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