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Fifteen best prams, The Independent. Thirdly, a pram that is smaller, light and easily collapsible - especially good for small children (although you can get it more and more from the newborn). Fourthly - and we have a seperate summary for this one - jogging pushchairs that will allow you to stay in shape with your baby in drag.

Reworkable fit? Readjustable grips? The ideal case is to try it out before you buy - you'll get a feeling for what it's like to sail, whether it fits your size, how easily it folds, and how hard it is, especially if you have to drag it up or travel by train.

It has a giant hooded head, an even larger cart than its forerunner and a very easy to adjust steering bar that allows you to work with one Hand. There is little you shouldn't really like, although some might find it a little difficult and awkward to fold - and it can't be collapsed at all with the seating on.

It' s reversed so that you can see your baby and then turn it around when it wants to see more than just your face, and it' s maneuverable, with a beautiful, gentle drive, even off-road. Its also taking to assemble and you have to take the fit off before you lift it up, plus it only lasts you until your little'un is two.

Indeed, it is child's play to collapse and open and can be used in stroller and stroller as well as with the Silver Cross Simplicity auto-sit. There' ample room for your death in each of the three modi, and the well-padded backrest is easily inverted and tilted, with a multifunctional hooded front cover that you can partially or fully lower.

Too bad that the legrest is not movable - this is uncommon. It' our favorite, thanks to a whole range of characteristics such as the Life-Flat saddle (which makes it ideal from birth), stunning springing, fast one-hand folding, fully recline handlebar, front locking castors and spacious cage. Developed for six month upwards, it lasts up to three years. It does the groundwork really well - light pushing on slippery finishes and curbs (though not so good for off-road) and light pushing and folding, with a good enough mall.

When you seldom have both your fingers to spare when trying to get your stroller to work for you, you will enjoy it with its one-hand rest, one-hand rebate and easily accessible one-hand hamper. Pressing is so effortless that you can even operate only one wrist for shorter journeys.

UV50+ hooded is large and the fit is invertible so you can speak directly to your baby or let him take in the views. It has a reversible base and is not too light. And we like the roomy seating, the low backrest and the fact that the brakes also work with flip-flops.

It can be used from childbirth to about five or six years old (although you may find the fit slightly narrower if you are on the bigger side). Gummed all-terrain bikes and first-class shock absorption make it simple to slide and turn, even though we had been hoping for a few less jerks on really difficult ground.

Lying down flaxed? A very large seating area? Plain one-handed? Invertable seats? You don't have to take more room to wrinkle (or even turn it over before wrinkling)? With one hand? But that' not all - it is easily assembled, has a large cage, a large, beautifully upholstered chair and rises when collapsed.

It is very reactive (although it can get stuck on your legs when you walk) and it is good from the time of delivery until you are about three and a half years old, and although it is not so simple to use it off-road, it is not poor. It' beautiful and fast - great when you have to run to this coach - and despite the low cost it has some practical functions like backrest and reclining legrest.

It is well upholstered and has room for your baby to wax as you would expect from a pram, it is not good off-road, the handlebars are not reclining and it is only forward directed. Born to about three years old. Generously sized (until you put it in pair mode), the trolley has a one-hand pleat (for which you do not need to take the chair off) and reclining handle.

It' s simple to slide, even with one of your fingers, and to pleat (although you need two fingers to do so), and you can keep the chair in any desired sitting posture. Also we like the giant hooded hat, the well-dimensioned shopper bag, the carrying belt and the gentle drive, even the curbs.

Bringing to you from the make of your choosing for almost every fame that' s worth your salt, some of the royal houses included, the Fox is a marvelous pram if you can afford it.

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