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So many baby products on the market, it can be hard to know what you really need and what is just a nice extra. When' d you get to buy baby stuff? When' d you get to buy baby stuff? Many of our former children's baby things have been kept (Moses baskets, some dresses, toys). However, I have made a shortlist of all the things we still need to get and I am beginning to buy little things like chiffon cloth, diapers, towels etc.

or whatever I see in the super markets.

Makes it much simpler to distribute yourself over the next 20 more weeks or so on the costs of things instead of having to disburse everything at once, closer to the end of your gestation. A lot of folks are afraid to buy too early, "just catch", but I began to buy from 13 week.

So we wanted our place to look good before the baby was born. Its only way to do this was to buy bit by bit over the years and not all at once. Then I got the bed room bed and furnishings at 14 week and then I just bought all the pieces since.

I am now 28 week old and have done everything for the baby and everything for the cottage. But I don't have to be worried that I don't have enough cash for any of the things, I was decided that my baby would have the best, so I made sure this happens. The only thing I would suggest to leave until later is the baby carriage because you are going to be changing your opinion with it ha. I didn't begin to buy things until after 20 weeks with DD but now that I cant wait! I went out and got a few things after 13 week scanning was like diapers a purl baby wet etc I am planning to buy purl bits across the week so I don't have to do a very big issue!

Couldn't help me and I went on to buy a little and Bob''s here and there until 30 Weeks when we purchased the big stuff. Hi, I start shopping for baby stuff at 20 a week, then I just go crazy. Oh, my OH would come home and just rolling his eye with the latest stuff I got.

Now my DS is 4 month old and I have several packets of diapers left open because I purchased so many that after a few month it was too big to use. I still like to buy him clothing, games and pretty much everything I can......!!!!!

I' ve actually been given about half the material I needed from my boyfriends - it was a little new to buy things myself for my DD. When Tesco made the club card coupons, I purchased a batch of one-way diapers, so my mother and I merged ours when I was about 30 week old, and we purchased Tesco's with diapers, towels, thermometers, chiffon towels, baby clothes, sterilisers, etc. and so my little girl is now 5 month old and I just ran out of diapers, in part because I also use Baba+Busch returnable diapers - something I DEFINITELY DEFINITELY something I use.

Since we did not find out the gender of the baby, I did not go to buy many dresses, and then when she was birth, you get soooo many presents from folks that she is equipped until she is 1!!! When I was about 30 months gestating to be frank, I just couldn't believe it and was in a full tornado, and now she's here, I still can't believe how happy I am to be a mother is the best thing in the whole wide web! enjoying your baby's women! don't want to bewitch my baby....

Remember my Oh wishes, I'd be believing superstition if I buy too soon. As a reaction to this screw-jacket, I threw a baby out just after it was born many years ago, and believe me that handling all the things I had purchased was hell. Receive guidance from someone who unfortunately knows nothing and buys until you have your baby safely and securely at home.

I' m sorry you dropped a baby, I didn't mean to insult it. "Oh, you still have plenty of spare minute, why not just sit tight and be on the save side?" I certainly won't tell them that "If you loose your baby, the things you wish for so much now will take you through hell" that they would be insensible.

Trust me, grading by babygro's and bottle and diapers and diapers and other possessions is something else to be worried about while organizing a baby's burial. When I was about 7 wee weeks gestating I was arranging all my used goods, as I knew someone who sold it, it holds on to till I am nearer my due date, but only in all cases, but I could not really refuse £30 for a bed.

However, shortly before our first scanning, we bought a baby carriers as offered by Asda, and I also chose my trip system, but we won't buy it until August. I have some other little things and little ones in the closet of another boyfriend, but it's mainly the baby growing and a few snowsuits.

Can' t wait until we know what we have before we really get started to begin buying the children's room parts. Now I haven't purchased anything (I'm only 10+2 years old) but I am planning to begin in a month so I can distribute the costs.....

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