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The Buy Buy Buy Baby tells the story of two different women, Carol and Julia, and their lives in and around Glasgow. How much would you pay for a baby? buybuyBABY ( Certain tweets don't interest you? To follow an account, move the cursor to the profile picture and click the Follow button. When you see a tweet you like, click the heart and show the author that you like the tweet.

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"We know that it can be hard to find this particular person..." is the text on the US website heard to heart. You' ve got a hundred different kinds of profile in stock - beautiful, gifted personalities who record their vitals, education backgrounds, everything from their favorite foods to their favorite songs. In spite of the apparent resemblances with on-line dates, they are part of another boom web based industries - matching for would-be parent and oocyte-donor.

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The Buy Buy Buy Baby stories tell the stories of two different girls, Carol and Julia, and their life in and around Glasgow. Julia enters the dreary realm of on-line dining in this fun extract, kindly endorsed by the dubious Min2be-Agentur. Agentur Männer2be pledged that only "demanding professionals" would be included in their work.

At first, the affable name kept me from registration, but I wanted to test the genuineness of the agency's assertion that the men were all very professional success stories. In fact, the rigorous standards of the agency excluded any female who was over a twelve sized outfit. Fortunately, I had retained my fitness studio status.

If I had been a little inventive with a few facts and numbers, I would never have met the entrance criteria. There was no trouble; a good reporter knows how to rub the truths. I couldn't quite get the sense of the amusing part of the listing out of my head, but it made me overestimate every individual phrase I had chosen to describe myself.

That was the BIG one, the one that demanded the most considered response. I' ve tried a few over the past few months: Finally I opted for an honourable reply, minus an important detail. I had hinted at the search for a long-term mate ( without mentioning the words "B") and was hoping that for most men it wasn't too frightening a view.

Nobody would ever respond to the most sincere response, the most blunt being: "Desperately looking for a man to live with and raise a family".

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