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How high is the free luggage limit for a baby?

When your child is on your way on your knee, you can: - Cargo compartment transportation, 1 piece of luggage up to 10 kg (if you have chosen the mini-price tickets, you will have to purchase additional luggage in the cargo compartment). - Take on board a piece of small luggage of less than 12 kg / 26 lb (maximum dimensions 55 cm x 35 cm x 25 cm / 21,6 in x 13,7 in x 9,8 in x 9,8 in).

When you buy a children's price tickets for your children, the children have their own seats and the same free luggage allowances as adults. They can carry a folding pram and a vehicle safety harness in the load compartment at no surcharge.

Fly with Kids - Jordan Kingly

Royals Jordanian is welcoming young people and family on board, as we know that travelling at a young age brings back a memory that children and young people will never forgive. Our understanding of the unique challenge that children's flight presents us with, and we do everything we can to make it pleasurable for children and pleasant for grown-ups.

Children's food can be arranged before the trip and all children receive extra activity. Plan your trip in advance and book the service of the youngster you want to take part in. Please ask for seating when making your reservation, baby cribs available on selected routes included. Make sure you order your child's food at least 24hrs before your planned travel date to make sure your children are enjoying their favourite food.

Kids over the ages of two are entitled to Royal Plus points if they complete a Royal Plus programme with our Royal Plus programme. Select members of the extended familiy enrolled in the same plan may use mileage earned by kids for travel onward. These are some things you should take on board with your baby to help during the flight:

Toddlers (7 day - 2 years) can go travelling in the company of an 18 year old or older old person. Travellers travelling with young kids enjoy the benefits of our specialised childcare facilities on most of our routes to this city: the service is available on all our regular flights: Toddlers who do not require a single child restraint chair will be billed 10% of the full airfare and may take one check (limit 10kg) and one hand bag (e.g. folding pram or child seat) with them.

On selected infant departures under 9 month, wicker cradle seating is available, but please make early bookings as these are based on the "first come, first served" principle. Babies are protected during take-off and landings by a safety belt attached to the adult's belt which holds them comfortably and securely on the adult's knee.

Travellers may ride with a minimum of two youngsters per person, provided that at least one extra full price has been paid and one of the youngsters is large enough to be seated on their own seats or an authorised vehicle seats.

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