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Shopping in Iceland Hot spots for kids and their moms! Reykjavik is a place where you can find clothes and toy. Rummage through the city's children's clothes boutiques and you'll find locale designs, foreign brand names and beautiful printouts. Bookstores for kids with great products and games! The Iglo+Indi at Skólavörðustigur - for her designs, her printed matter and her line of bio-colours, Islandic designs.

Kópavogur Toysrus - for all your playthings! Stores are open until 18:00 - some are open longer.

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With our baby grooming product offerings, you can get baby supplies with a choice that encompasses breastfeeding items such as breastpumps and milk bottles, baby guards and diaperchangers. There are also offers for baby carriages, fitness centres and prams. Our offers give you everything you need for a fresh start without cracking the banc.

Baby furnishings offers kindergarten kits and kindergarten equipment. We have the bedroom and bathroom that treats, great quality and good price. There is a large variety of children's literature, among them literature on the literary, linguistic and mathematical subjects. They are not just textbooks, we also have storybooks with the favorite personalities of your kids, such as Charlie and Lola, Postman Pat and the Little Miss series.

Larger childrens will find reading by Enid Blyton, J.K. Rowling and Roald Dahl.

All our fashions have the best clothing for youngsters. We have offers for swim suits, slip-on skirts, leggings and beach umbrellas with Disney and CBBC favorites. There are also offers for tu-tus, rucksacks and browbands as well as the essential things like lingerie and stockings, jumpsuits, t-shirts, baby pants and baby booties so you can equip your little ones for less money!

Our range of kindergarten supplies provides you with all the essential baby security articles you need for your latest arrivals. Get a kindergarten camera, a baby guard or a security door - all at the best price. There is a huge range of offers for all types of baby and children's toy.

There are other offers for children's playthings such as their favorite puppets and puppets, playmats and fitness studios. Cheap toy offers includes bicycles and bicycles, games and role-playing. We have deals on a range  of motherhood clothes including tops, tunics, pants skirts and gowns.

There is also an assortment for when the baby comes, which includes nightgowns and breastfeeding bra. You can also find offers about breastfeeding essential oils such as breastfeeding materials for day and nights.

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