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Presenting the best, well-made, affordable, durable and stylish children's clothing for families with children of all ages. Reykjavik is a place where you can easily find cute clothes and toys. We value trustworthiness and visibility. Those who use these techniques to gather information about your web browser activities on this site and other third-party websites and applications that work with them.

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2018 Best Children's Clothes Line Awarded for purchase in the UK

Frugi, the Finnish apparel manufacturer, impressed our jury with its broad palette of colourful and brilliant clothes for men and women and won our 2010 Golden Tour. Frugi was founded in 2004 by a man and woman squad and has evolved from a small private firm to a great succes.

Clothes are luxurious and classy, and Frugi takes the manufacture of their garments very seriously and promises to make the most ethically sound item they can get. Her clothes are never made with children's labor, all her employees work in a secure working atmosphere and receive minimal wage guarantees. Our clothes are durable and 100% biologically tested!

Frugi clothes can be bought at WeLoveFrugi and John Lewis. It is a wonderful whimsical and light selection of playwear that is designed for preschoolers who like to get dirty - inside or outside. They can be used over or instead of clothes and are a good option to dull pool wetsuits or three-dimensional outdoor artificial babies.

Our jury was impressed by the innovative nature of this awarded silvery series - we like a new interpretation of an old MFM paper clip. Multifunctional, with some fleece-lined version for cold weather month, made of light, breathing fabric and with removable sleeve and pant leg, the Spring/Summer line is a great all-rounder for muds kitchen or school!

Kidunk clothes can be bought from Kidunk. The jury members loved this line for childrens. Most of the clothes are made of cottons and all clothes and toddlers are smoked by hands. What we particularly like about this label is that it helps support community manufacturing and gives part of its profits to children's aid organisations - a great way to start a good time.

Alex and Alexa on-line store provides a one-stop store for children's clothing from a variety of clothing companies, among them designer and traditional names. In the various areas - from holiday shops to ski shops - you will find a large choice of exquisite collection such as Sunuva, Melissa Odabash and Scandi-cool from Mini Rodini.

A luxurious on-line label offering high value children's apparel in the nine month to eight year range. Made in Spain, it provides unmatched craftsmanship finesse for its exquisite capsules range, inspiring by classical designs and the colors of infancy. She also supports sluggish fashions, the hand-picked selection of manufacturers and vendors, compliance with all labor codes and rules, and the payment of equitable salaries to her employees.

There'?s no such thing as inclement rain, just the right clothes! That' s the mantras of our Muddy Puddles, whose broad selection of outdoors clothes is engineered to let children experience the outdoors in any kind of outdoors. Muddy Puddles now promotes open-air study and training and provides clothes for the charity:

Farmhouses for city children. Fred & Noah was founded in 2014 and is run by the couple Natalie and Daniel Reynolds. Fred & Noah is a small British label that produces luxurious clothes for men and women between the ages of 0 and 6. The entire garment is fully machine-washable and features stunning graphical design and printing - ideal for busy toddlers.

Dedicated to support an ethically and sustainably fashionable sector, this UK based label focuses on attractive clothes for young women and the best of UK crafts. It' s about helping locals craftsmen and ethic fabricators, but the clothes are also enchanting, classy and handy. Zara's children's clothes are a permanent favorite.

She is a very attractive and very attractive child, and we adore her color scheme, her eye-catching knitwear and her unconventional yet classical way of approaching children's styles. At H&M, we make first-class, fashionable clothes for children. What is even better is that the Group' s children's line, which was introduced last year, is made of durable fabrics. We have more fabulous fashions and clothes below:

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