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Value -added tax-free fashions? It'?s a piece of cake! $500 a month by purchasing children's clothing.

Value -added tax-free fashions? It'?s a piece of cake! I' m caught in a Marks & Spencer dressing room, firmly in a bash over my neck and my arm with a gown fluttering helplessly in the sky. There' s a clear sign on the tag saying the height is 13 years old. I' m obviously a 40-year-old housewife with an avarage height 12 physique.

Each year we pay an annual sum of 1,000 pounds on clothing and accessoires - and that's 200 pounds for value-added tax alone. Every tenth of us is spending almost £5,000 a year - that's another £1,000. Mother spending on average 500 to 1,000 pounds per year on clothing for her child.

However, with children's fashions you get much more for your own pocket, because not only is the mini-Me clothing less expensive, it is also considered necessary and therefore VAT-free. Now that the mean baby is bigger and weightier than ever, special children's tags are getting bigger and bigger to satisfy the need for bigger body sizes.

But before anyone wrongly thinks that I have the waif-like physique of a female infant, I should point out that I am 5ft 7in, with an average physique, a beautiful neckline and a height of five inches. Exactly how should I try on children's clothes? It is likely that the vision of a lonely grown-up being squeezed into a children's dressing room is viewed with caution.

In the last five years the design of their kids has become more and more popular. Although the larger the object, the more costly it is, they still offer enormous savings over equal grown-up costumes. As our gaze widens with longing and then narrows, we realize that we both want the same outfit.

Mommy, I loved this dress," she squeaks as I reach for the last one. Coincidentally, the height is 15 years old - perfectly for me. Sequined sleeveless gown padded with smooth sateen. When I go into the dressing rooms for adults, I discover a slightly unsuspicious look from the saleswoman who hands out the number plates.

However, my crises are not banished from the wardrobe - but are entangled in an optimal dark gown at the tender age of 13. I' m gonna get a pullover gown at only £19.99. However, even with my "great for my age" feet it's too brief (ages 13-14 years), so I combine it with a couple of Leggins (ages 13-14 years) that barely breach the bench at £4.99.

There is a slightly girly arch that I take off when I get home, but at 17. 99 in an XL sized it is a good find. I don't need any unique pieces from designers, I need a knit top in knit fabric, which I find on the sales tracks. Initially 22. 95, it has been flagged down to £9.99.

I' m in the locker rooms keeping me busy. It' a series of small cabins with minute footstools, so I take my chance and buy the biggest available cabin available - 10-11 years old. Therefore they are extremely usable for many purposes. Myself I live in a couple of gray bootees for 26. 50 - there is a similar couple in the adults department with a pricelabel of 85.

Lewis has more dressing rooms than Laurence girl and I decided to take adults size dresses so the helper doesn't give too much thought to a girl with a dress. There are some £35 in my back fat lining on my ankle boot and a couple of 7 in my pantyhose. My leg is long but the 11-12 suits me well.

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