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For a longer time of splinting, an additional adhesive tape and adhesive remover may be required in supplement to the premium package.

For a longer time of splinting, an additional adhesive tape and adhesive remover may be necessary in supplement to the premium package. Levels of stock vary depending on the nature of the hearing issue, the characteristics of your baby's ears, your capacity to keep the ligaments hydrated, the speed of your progression, etc.

Since EarBuddies headgear was introduced, our evidence shows that the parent has held on to the splint twice as long, with some amazing results. You can use a measuring strip or cord and a straight edge to gauge your baby's scalp - preferably along the hair line, as the headgear is there.

Do I need more than the two rails in the Basic Kit or Premium Pack? Can' I just stick my teeth back without my ear buddies? EarlyBuddies rails work by reversing the trend of the bone skeleton to squeeze the head out of the side of the Ear. Which advantages does the customization of EarlyBuddies have?

Advantages of customizing EarBuddies: Which is Cavilon No Sting barrier sheet? Which is the main distinction between Cavilon and Medihoney? The Cavilon barrier foil is used to avoid dermatitis under the EarBuddies trays, behind the ears, and under the tape. After drying, the tape can be attached to this foil.

The Medihoney is a protective creme that maintains the protective qualities of the skins. Medihoney creme cannot be covered with the tape. Your complexion should be clear and completely free of moisture before you apply Cavilon No Sting Film. If you are using it under tape or EarBuddies rails, allow the Cavilon No Sting screen to thoroughly cure before using tape.

The Cavilon No Sting protective foil must be reapplied each and every change of tape, as the protective foil is separated by the glue. You can use a medicinal glue stripper (e.g. Appeel) to strip the barriers. As soon as the area is clear and dried, you can re-apply the Cavilon No Sting protective foil.

The Cavilon No Sting Liner is a fluid designed for use as a film-forming agent which, when applied to unbroken or injured skins, provides a long-lasting watertight seal that serves as a protecting gateway between the skins and waste, liquids, adhesive agents, rubbing and shearing. Designed as a secondary immunity shield against stimuli from corporeal fluid.

The Cavilon No Sting protective film must NOT be used on contaminated area. The Cavilon No Sting film should only be used if no source of fire or heating is used. Keep at room thermo. The use of other barriers, salves, creams and/or tonics may significantly impair the efficacy.

Includes 20 non-adhesive medical wipes in premium package. Keep the Appeel cloth individually tight on the tape to be taken off; it does not make any difference whether the cloth directly contacts the surface of the body, as Appeel is designed for the most delicate area. Carefully remove the straps without tightening the finger.

Using the cloth, clean off any glue residual. After drying, it does not impair the adherence of the new belts. We recommend shaving the coat, no mater how thin, in the area where the bands adhere to ensure a strong and trouble-free hold. It is especially important for babies who are older than a month and have more bristles than a newborn.

Infants have sensitive skins, so be soft and shaver at an 30° angle.

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