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Ever seen the furor caused by JoJo Maman Bebe Laura Tenison, the company's creator, when she inadvertently sent a 12:00 p.m. news (she wanted it to be private) to a Facebook group complaining about parental reselling of her brands' outfits?

Ever heard of the furor caused by the JoJo Maman Bebe creator, Laura Tenison, when she inadvertently sent a middlenight news (she thought it should be private) to a Facebook group complaining about parental reselling of their brand attire? What's so appealing about purchasing something "softly carried" is that you get yourself a good deal and don't scrape a few quid off the shop rate (usually the selling price).

However, how can you keep the straw separated from the grain when it comes to purchasing ready-made goods for your baby/child? The Pitapat is the first application specifically developed for parenting to help selling their beloved children's products. Founded by two families who, after having about the same amount of offspring, realized how much a baby really costs!

They soon found out, as did many families, that their houses were overcrowded with baby and children's things from which their kids had grown quickly, some of them virgin and new. Looking for a secure, free and easy to use market place for beloved baby and children's articles without happiness, like all good business owners, they chose to develop their own custom-solutions.

In the Pitapat application, you can buy or buy, with some of our favorite functions, among them: With Pitapat, the purchase of beloved articles is simple and the possibility to check the offers of different vendors makes it much simpler to get a good deal.

Used baby girl online for £2,500 to buy an iPhone

Selling his baby online when he was 19, a Chinaman was sentenced to 3 years in prison. Her little girl was 18 years old when she was selling after her parent searched for shoppers on online feed. A Duan' (not his proper name) from Tong'an, Fujian Provincial, Southeast China, wanted to buy an iPhone and a motorcycle with the 2,500 pounds he had been selling his baby for.

It is said that the woman'Xiao Mei' (also not her true name) did many part-time work while the dad was spending his days in cafés. A Duan was interested in selling her to buy goods, so she was interested in selling them.

After he bought the child, he turned himself in to the cops. It was traced and captured by cops who investigated the illicit selling. It is said that Xiao Mei said to the police: "I was adopted myself and many in my home town are sending their children to other children to bring them up. According to estimates by the Chines medium, up to 200,000 boy and girl are abducted and publicly traded online in China every year.

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